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Solo first trip

consumed handful of fresh

First trip and I wanted to see the Elves. I did not even hallucinate was really weird. I ate around under 20g of fresh Golden Teachers. + I drank green tea.
I ate them at around 8pm, one hour later I started to feel the effects, body high and some laughing and small visual patterns. Past the hour stage I ate some more as I wanted to reach level 5 trip but instead I just became incredibly confused and was thinking about small annoying things about work. I would say it was a general unpleasant feeling. I didn't have a scale so couldn't weight the dose. 

The unpleasantness was similar to a flu or bug when you desperately try not to get sick lol. I am slightly disappointed as the trip had no meaning or actual hallucinations, just the mass confusion and disorientation.

I heard McKenna say that there is an issue in breaking into the trip when the dose is not large enough, any suggestions?

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