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Too much

8g dried Psilocybe Cubensis 'Cambodiana' + weed

This wasn't the first time I had taken shrooms. I've had mixed experiences with previous doses of magic truffles and fres mushrooms, but this would be the first time I would take dried shrooms. I say my experiences have been mixed because my first trip wasn't very good, my second trip was amazing and my third trip started out bad, then turned out to be not so bad. Because my stomach complained every time on my first 3 trips, I decided to try out making mushroom tea. I decided to just use my entire 8g bag of shrooms, because I figured that the heat would start breaking down the psilocybin and I probably wouldn't be getting all the psilocybin/psilocin out anyway. I chopped up my dried shrooms, put them in nearly boiling water for 20 minutes and put a teabag in for the last 3 minutes.


Now, I don't know how the myth started that psilocybin starts to break down at temperatures above 35 degrees C, but apparently this is not true at all (http://www.erowid.org/plants/mushrooms/mushrooms_info7.shtml). Also, using the tea method I've had no stomach complaints at all, so this is what I would recommend based on my own experience. I would also recommend not taking 8 goddamned grams of dried shrooms all at once.


I've never had any kind of 'spiritual' experience on shrooms. My vision changes in that everything turns a greenish hue, like I'm in The Matrix. Things become hazy and break down into the three base colors of red, blue and green. From previous experiences I know I need to smoke some weed to really have a mind-altering experience from shrooms, so I did, and soon enough my mind starts wandering and I start seeing colorful, infinite patterns when I close my eyes. I know shit's about to go down now so I put on some more comfortable clothes, crawl into bed, plug in my laptop and start listening to some music. Great. I also start to get turned on.


The combination of shrooms and weed makes it possible for me to have the most vivid fantasies imaginable. It's like lucid dreaming, only it feels physically real. It doesn't take long to realize that, although I'm at a [10] in terms of a weed high, I'm only at 30% of the effect the shrooms were going to have at this point. I start losing control over my thoughts and fantasies. Soon I start losing my mind.


I Imagine all my friends, family and ex-colleagues finding out I've become a de facto drug addict. Everybody hates me for it, they're sick of my shit, I'm left all by myself, alone. I start peeling down the layers of my personality until there is nothing left but this indefinable, very primitive collection of uncontrollable emotions and feelings that is the very core of my being. This might be what is referred to as 'ego death' in other people's experiences. I have to take a piss, but I don't know how to anymore. I'm 5 years old again and it feels like I'm wetting the bed (I didn't). I struggle to put on some pants because I only vaguely remember what the purpose of pants is and why I should probably put them on. I look in the mirror in the bathroom and see someone who could be in one of those 'Faces of Meth' campaigns: pale with sores and blisters on my face.


I realize I took too much shrooms. Luckily I can convince myself that this will all be over in a couple of hours and I'll be able to sleep everything off. As I've said, I'm at a [10] from the weed, but at like a [30] from the shrooms. The weed doesn't do anything for me anymore. The shrooms put my mind into overdrive and I'm thinking about a million things at the same time. I try to focus on things but it's all way too fast, it's too detailed for me to grasp and I just lie spread out on my bed, mouth wide open, just letting it all wash over me.


I start to see different parts of what makes up my personality. I see how words are formed in some kind of double cone shape with words appearing between the tips of the cones. I meet Mr. Rules Guy, who tries to make sure I abide by the rules of society. In little cocoons, I find my thoughts when I was a baby, 5 years old, a teenager. All the while I'm having closed and open eye visual hallucinations that respond to the music I'm listening to. Somewhere before midnight I finally fall asleep. I wake up the next morning sober, but a bit confused.


Shrooms by themself don't have a very pleasant effect on me. I need to balance them out with weed. Next time I'll not be taking more than 2g of dried ones.

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