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Trip in the north

I weigh 160 lbs, 5.11 feet 19 years old

Sorry for the mistakes, i'm a french canadian

Hi guys, I'll tell you about my second mushtrip
One evening after the end of the session of the college, my friends texted me and said we are heading to the cottage of my friend with 20g of mexican cubensis, with 7 guys I'm used to be with.

10h pm: We have separated according to the dose that everyone wanted with a balance. It was me who took the most because I was a little heavier and last time, 2.6 g was not really enough.

10:15 I just eat 3.8g with orange juice (acid juices make the effects occur quickly and intensely, but the trip is shorter)

10:30 pm: I already feel the effects, a little dizzy, I laugh a lot for not much like half of my friends who took orange juice (my friends took about 3g, except one who took 1.5g)

the other 4 guys ate it with bread and do not  really feel the effects

11 pm: I lit a big fire in the fireplace, we had some good house music and we sat in the living room where there was a lot of light, we were 8 in all spoken very loud and laugh.

11:30: I clearly have good open eye visuals, pale brown walls changed to dark red-brown and my vision seems better than usuals because all the colors were more vivids.

0:00 am: I felt that I wanted to move and get up off the couch and do something. One of my friends to suggest that we go outside, it's -5C we are in northern Quebec where there are large pine trees and a lot of snow.

We started with a  snowballs fight, which I never do, but now I really enjoy it this time, then we looked at the stars and we saw some shooting stars.

0:30: We went for a walk on the road which was very dark but the moon lighted us. The trees seemed strange and my friends did not stop to shrink and then grow. I thought it was funny as hallucinations.

After comical and even scientific dicussion, we returned inside the cottage.

1:30 am: We all fell into a trance while listening to progressive house and I had a strong feeling of fun and I was constantly smiling. I was tripping hard. We have continued to laugh and smoked some hashish.

2:30 am: One of my friends started to BadTrip he was completely disconnected after too much smoking. We spoke to him and he looked at us without understanding, he did not answer, but he moved his head and watched us when we spoke to him.

He subsequently start screaming angrily few sentences such as: What are we doing here, we told him to calm down but he continued to be very strange, he went to bed.

3am: My turn to feel a little weird, I told myself that I had so much fun that I started for no reason to feel not good, I was talking to myself in my head  without stopping, I was not able to calm me even if I told myself that everything will be all right  the next morning when I woke up.

In short, I paranoid but after 30 minutes to stay with my friends and listening to music and talking a lot of other things and entering into conversations with my friends, even if I wasn't laughing at all and I had not even smile, I finally fell asleep.

the next day, I still told myself that I had lived a very good trip

I hope you enjoy!

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