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Southeastern Amanita – What did we do wrong?

This wasn’t fun, any feedback is welcome!

First, thanks for all the great info here! I’m new to the forum, but have been reading the site for a while to get info on various substances. I would appreciate any feedback that might help explain my recent (first and only) attempt with Amanita shrooms. I have recently started learning about wild harvesting and mushroom identification. When visiting a friend in south Mississippi last week, my husband and I went nutz when we found a beautiful little patch of Amanita Muscaria var Persicina when tromping around a plantation pine forest. According to wiki, “Recent DNA evidence has shown Amanita muscaria var. persicina to be a distinct species from Amanita muscaria and it will be getting its own species status soon.” We feel very confident that we did a correct I.D. From my research, it seemed this eastern shroom has the same effect as the typical Amanita Muscaria, but we only got the unpleasant effects when we tried it. We have some experience with cubies, and knew going in that this was a different animal. Here’s what we did:

Dried in the oven 120-150F with a fan blowing until dry, then put in a box with desiccant for several days. They were cracker dry.

I weighed out 20 grams (caps only) for two people, following advice to take it easy on the first attempt. I weigh 160#, hubby 205#. Ground them in coffee grinder and steeped in hot water 150-185 degrees for 40 minutes. Put in a cinnamon stick and put the lid on the pot while it cooled a little.

6:30p Strained with a reusable coffee strainer. Divided the liquid and added a little honey. Tasted earthy, but not bad. We each drank half on an empty stomach.

7:15p Hubby finished his, I waited another half hour.

8:00p Noticed slightly blurred vision watching TV. Mild cold sweat, clammy feeling. We were prepared for this and looked forward to it easing as the fun effects kicked in. Hubby had strange discomfort in his dick. Said it was very weird, a constant burning sensation and not just when urinating.

8:30p Full out cold sweat that continued for two hours. Changed clothes three times. Was sweating but could not get warm. Shivered and sweated on the sofa under a blanket. The only thing that felt good was standing in a warm shower, but hot water eventually runs out. We did this several times. Felt SO GOOD to put on dry clothes, but they didn’t stay dry long. I didn’t get freaked out b/c I felt fine otherwise. Clear thinking, no nausea. Vision stayed slightly blurry, especially hubby’s, but no other visual effect noticed. Both had slight diarrhea. Not our sexiest psychedelic experience! So funny now to think that we were hoping for some slight Molly-like euphoria and aphrodisiac feelings as described by many. Thankfully, we also never got any nausea. We got hungry and ate a salad, then munched on chips.

11:00p One last shower b/c I was still shivering but the sweating had stopped. Went to bed and slept very well. Sadly, no vivid dreams to report.

Next morning, woke as usual. Felt fine. No hangover or lingering effects noted.

We’re really disappointed. Once we knew what we were looking for, we IDed numerous patches that were just barely coming up, still in the egg-like state. It was like Easter for grownups! A few were like shiny round red eggs popping up, actually very dark orange. Very beautiful. We didn’t harvest those but took lots of pics. Mature ones were lighter orange/peach, ranging from 2-6 inches in diameter.

Take home message, we’re sticking with Cubies! It’s possible I might try Amanita from the northeast, long after this memory has faded. I think I’m understanding, now, why these are not illegal. They only make the really fun things illegal! Our dosage was probably too low for any psychedelic effect. We followed the TEK instructions carefully. I’m not sure any trip could be worth the discomfort! Any thoughts on this will be much appreciated.



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