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4-ACO-DMT terrifyingly beutiful.

my first trip ever, also trips shortly after, hppd?

FIRST TRIP: I have always been fascinated by psychedelics and I knew the day would come eventually where I would have my first trip.  I get me and my friend each 25mg of 4 ACO DMT, he has tripped many times off other psychs so I knew he was someone that I would feel  comfortable tripping with. We couldn't trip at any of our houses, we live in apartments and we do not feel like getting kicked out haha. Anyways, we drove to our secret smoke spot where we always go if we're feeling outdoorsy. Now keep in mind its night time, it%u2019s a clear sky so the stars are really bright where I live, always breath taking.We took the 4 ACO DMT and it was great we couldn't stop the giggles, and I saw my car shoot what seemed like miles away, trees, fences, seemed really close then they would go back to where they usually where, I thought the ground was a trampoline, and then a cat came out of the woods, me and my friend were both scared so I jumped on my car almost in tears. My friend comforted me after he was done freaking out, then we let the cat in my car and shut the doors because it started to rain. When I looked at this orange cat he was really fluffy so he was cool to pet but then I thought he teleported in my side. We realized it stopped raining so we let the cat back outside and we get a call...my best friend (also my friend brother who I%u2019m tripping with) said he just tried to throw himself into oncoming traffic...at this point me and my friend were at the peak and it was so messed up. Me and my friend controlled our thoughts which to me didn%u2019t seem possible, and we were trying to tell him we are tripping then he hung up...I had this awful feeling something so complex I cannot describe. I tried calling him again and he didn%u2019t answer, 5 times later me and his brother are in tears, I kept saying "I just want to hear his voice." I call their sister, the closest one to him location wise, and me and my friend were so messed up it was hard to tell her because her voice started to get all static and I could not understand her. This trip lasted for 4 hours which seemed like forever, overall the stars looked like that standard  apple background on macs (haha) and it was good I guess besides thinking your friend is dead...also this was around November closer to December of 2014.


 THE OTHER TRIPS: After all this I bought 500mg of 4 ACO DMT , I dosed them the best I could without a scale so who knows how many mg's were in these capsules! my guess anywhere from 40 , this is my second trip I took it by myself December 1st, 2014. I was sitting in my recliner with adventure time on (thought that would be fun lol)my laptop on my lap watching and listening to a lot of flying lotus music video been a fan for years so I knew it would make me happy. I saw the same things again my walls were moving towards me and moved back, this time with all the lights so it%u2019s safe to say I was in for a crazy experience and  was I,music started to bend in pitch  I don%u2019t remember much but I was wearing my sweatpants and hoodie like I always do around the house and I turned my heat on up to 90 degrees...I was so fucking lost, I felt like I didn%u2019t know anything like I literally lost all of my knowledge and relearned it all it was quite amazing and music has never sounded so separate and clean, I honestly thought I was dying at this point, I don%u2019t remember much but I texted another friend of mine and I was crying and mid text my mind took over and I saw black fall from the ceiling and drip/drop on my phone. Now you're going to have to trust my knowledge but the text if I remember correctly was "I have lost all sense of reality with the universe and myself, I am not coming back, black, the slugs..." of course the message was all typed all fucked up and he knew I was tripping but whatever I saw was terrifying. The next day me and my friend from before dose again , and it was too much for both of us, I would close my eyes and see this black and purpleish sticky stuff and when I opened them nothing to crazy but then I must have hit the peak,  I was thinking so deeply into everything I thought I was losing my mind, I couldn%u2019t shake the bad trip. For the next 4 days between myself and my friend we finish the 500mg of 4 ACO DMT. At one point I took one and I didn%u2019t feel anything so I took another and WOW!!!! ITS GOOD!! Now what is truly terrifying is that my friend said"bro your eyes man, I cannot see color in your eyes like at all" and this is when we have sobered down around the 5th. This whole week in fact has been a blur and time has been merging, the color black, any shade is the darkest black I have ever seen still to this day. I am a daily smoker 4 times a day (weed) and I have stopped for I am nervous if I somehow developed hppd from this or I need more time to clear my head. crazy week. The positives, I don%u2019t know how or why but I feel a subtle peace at the same time I%u2019m very spacey in the head lately where I just forget what I%u2019m doing/ where I am  which isn%u2019t usual AT ALL and I think I%u2019m permanently fucked.

It's to no fault but my own. Even though I saw the scariest shit in my entire life it was some what still beautiful and romantic and I do not regret it at all. I%u2019m taking LSD for the first time relatively soon (New Year %u2019s Eve).


Now to the reader, what would you suggest? Have you experienced anything similar? Should I be worried?

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