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discovering the wonderful power of Australian Cubes

20 - 25g of psilocybe cubensis

After a bout of seasonal early autumn rain, I had decided to do some serious research about magic mushrooms. Gold caps grow on the fields near my place, and I had been wanting to try a psycadelic for some time, so I suppose it was only a matter of time till I decided to give mushies a go. 

Before shrooms, I had only drunk alcohol and smoked cannabis, so I wasn't super experienced with drugs in general. Just a typical stoner. Finally deciding to step up to shrooms had got me pumped. Before I even decided to try shrooms, I had done every bit of information gathering I possibly could to get a vague outline on what to expect. I think doing some prior reading is the best thing anybody could do before they decide to alter their consciousness with a new substance. 

So, my experience. 
My parents had gone away for about a week, and the morning they left I went picking for shrooms. I collected a sizeable bag of prime golden tops and set up a drying stand. I  messaged my best mate B to let him know that i'd pick him up at 11 so we can smoke some cones and have a stoner day at my place. We also planned to invite our other best mate, J, to join us and chill for the day. The bro trio.
I picked B up at 11 and he came to mine,  and just before we lit up a cone, B saw my drying rack and the shrooms and was thrilled. I hadn't told B about the shrooms because the day was originally just going to be a stoner day, but he was so exited about trying shrooms we decided to try them that afternoon instead of waiting for another day. We rang J, and at first he was hesitant and was keen to stick with green, so B and I agreed that we would drive to town and grab some munchies and pick J up on the way home, and then eat some shrooms. (I live in a rural area)

When we picked J up he was still skeptical that B and I were gonna try something new, but by the time we got home the positive energy that B and I were sharing had rubbed off on J, and he was keen to join us and take some shrooms. When we pulled up at home, I thought it would be good to show J and B where I found the shrooms so they felt 100% comfortable. I wanted to make them as comfortable as possible so we all could super enjoy our time. I helped them identify the right ones and they picked a couple for themselves.

I had read about set and setting, and about how you must be in a positive mindframe before you have shrooms and I wasn't sure if my mind was ready, but as the day progressed I fed off the positive vibes from my two best mates, and it felt like my mind had come to terms with the fact that I was going to try something completely new. whatever happened, I knew that i must accept it as part of the trip. We didn't have a sitter, but we didn't really need one. 

Back to the experience.
After a lot of discussion, B, J and I sat around the table with a pile of shrooms and some juice to flush the taste away. It was about 4pm at this point. Our shrooms were fresh, and I read somewhere that dry shrooms is 1/10th the weight of fresh shrooms, so we ate 20 - 25 grams each. 

We sat at the table for a good 30 minutes giggling and thriving on our own positive vibes, not really experiencing anything, but ecstatic that the 3 of us were knee deep in the same crap, ready for a good night. 
At about 4:45 we were outside, throwing a tennis ball around. We were all feeling a bit nauseous but we agreed that we have to keep our mind off it by doing something active. The ball ended up on the roof and as J retrieved it, he told us that he was beginning to feel a bit nervous and odd. I could relate, and I think B could too. 

By 5pm we had migrated inside, and I was beginning to feel really positive about the whole situation. I began to appreciate how good my friendship was with B and J, and felt so privileged for them to be at my house, trying something new with me. Colors began to become more noticeable, and looking at patterns felt comforting. 

At about 5 30, I decided I'd take a shower, so I could maximize how clean and positive I felt. As I stood in the shower,  I became fixated on my reflection in my shower mirror. By now I began to wing out. I felt so distant from my face and body, as if I occupied space around my body,  instead of in it. My face was almost claymation, and when I made different facial expressions, it was as if my face was being molded. I began to notice the limits of my expressions, and I couldn't find a face that portrayed how I felt. My emotions and thoughts began to overlap, and I started to freak a little, but I took some deep breaths and told myself that I should accept new feelings and embrace them. I turned my attention off the mirror, and noticed that the walls of the shower had begun to breathe. The shadows and trails the water was making on the floor was captivating. 

After 20 or so minutes, I left the shower and rejoined my mates, who were preparing the bong for a couple of cones. At this point we were pretty buzzed by strange feelings, but we remained positive. I noticed my trip was coming in waves, which was nice because I felt secure knowing that if things got too intense, it wouldn't be too long until the wave passes. 

We hit the bong and shit hit the fan. From that point on, the night was a blur. Instead of staying together, we separated into different rooms so we could explore our minds. Time began to slow down and speed up randomly. 

Im not sure how long I was lost in my own thoughts, but it felt like hours. I thought about my family and my friends, and explored different ideas and concepts about life. I felt like every choice I had ever made was justified, and was deeply greatfull about the outcomes because they had slowly formed me into the person I currently am. It was mystical.  

As time went on I walked to the toilet, but got distracted by another mirror. I was half expecting to see extra features or something twisted and wierd, but that's not what I found. It felt like I could see the best and worst of myself at the same time. I smiled at myself, and it made me feel soo warm. I was happy with myself, and so was the guy in the mirror.  I continued making faces and moving in the mirror for a fair while. Little visual distortions became apparent as I moved around. Damn, mirrors are liberating while tripping. 

I had completely lost track of where B and J were, so I begun looking. B was sitting on my bed laughing at himself, which I found hysterical. As our laughing subsided, we both began looking for J who had left the house without telling us. Both of us were confident that J would find his way back when he was ready, so B and I chilled out and chopped up some more weed. After 20 or so minutes, J showed up holding a long stick and wearing a fur rug that is usually on my couch. He told us that he was on the most amazing journey and refused to use his old name, calling himself 'Phoenix' instead. B and I lost our crap for ages, laughing at the entire situation. 

J (or Phoenix) convinced B and I to go for a walk with him. I can't quite remember what the time was, but it was fairly dark. None of us thought to bring a flashlight but our eyes didn't take long to adjust. During our walk through the meadows and along the road, I felt so connected with nature. The moon felt so much closer and the trees felt so alive, as if they possessed consciousness and were watching over us. Phoenix picked up a stick at one point, and I was convinced it was a snake. I completely flipped out because it was moving, but after about 20 seconds I realized it was just a stick. Phoenix told me that I was crazy, which was hilariously ironic. 

not long after the snake episode, we made our way home. At one stage, Phoenix and I discovered that time had stopped and it messed with our minds like crazy, meanwhile B had passed out on my bed.

We separated again and enjoyed more mental journeys until we realized that our trip was wearing off. We decided that we should go to bed soon, so we smoked a couple more cones and reflected on our afternoon and night. A movie was put on and we all slept a fantastic nights sleep. 

For the next couple of days I felt more appreciative of my friends and family, and had a positive mentality. I am so grateful that I've discovered magic mushrooms and will certainly continue using them. 

Thankyou for reading. 
Peace out, from Redrix

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