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Pure love trip.

2nd trip. 8th of shrooms.

So it was my second trip. All I've ever done is an 8th. I've never (to this day still) done any less or anymore. Even my first trip, and 8th. Quite a lovely time honestly. But this trip is by far my best to ever have happened. 

It was roughly 9pm. My cousin and I refer to ourselves as "soul trippers". Think soul mates, but in a straight and drug way. Him and I have been best friends ever since we can remember. Went to school together and everything. So naturally tripping is something we exclusively do with each other. 
We get in his room, turn on the tv, pop open the bags and get our water bottles to wash them down with and start munching the mushrooms. 

We eventually them all and we look at each other and as always state "no going back now". 

During the come up whenever I eat the mushrooms I always get nausea (have since switched to drinking tea) and that kind of adds to my anxiety but I quickly let it go and let the come up happen. We put on Dark Side of The Moon and sit down and watch the world change.
Extreme giggles start, I start seeing geometric patterns when I close my eyes (mainly the album cover of Dark Side) revolving around in my head and coming at me. 

Eventually the music becomes way too overwhelming to me, because of the sounds the songs were making. I just couldn't do it.
I started thinking "what if I have a bad trip.. I'm gonna be stuck for hours in a mental hell" which obviously starts to give you a bad trip. 
So I immediately got up and grabbed my head phones and laid down in his bed and put on my own music. 
I listened to Bon Iver's Beth/Rest for the whole trip, which is a great melodic peaceful song if you haven't heard it. 

I like to try my best to influence my trips around nature and good positive feelings such as love, hope, harmony and etc. And my first trip was about self realization and great things, so I wanted this one to be about trippy psychedelia and stuff.  I wanted to see aliens and stuff. 
But it made a turn for the way way way better.  

I started to get this overwhelming feeling of euphoria and peace. It felt amazing. I started smiling and letting out sighs of peacefulness. 
I was in my own serenity. Time stopped and I was having moments of eternity. But is was eternally happy. All I could think about were things in a great positive way. Even bad things like here, my grandpa had just passed a month prior and it was hard on everybody. And I started to briefly think about that. But my mind said "but think about how great he impacted your life. He loved you. And you were lucky to experience him. He was proud of you. Now live your life to still make him proud". Everything was just amazingly positive. 
I started gettingb amazing visuals, I couldn't see anything in the real world anymore. My whole vision was kaleidoscope. 

I closed my eyes to soak in all of the feelings. And when I opened them, I was in a forest. I was a hawk, flying through the forest above the trees. Watching all the other animals living in harmony and I went to the river to drink and I could feel the life that the water was giving me. 
I eventually came back to where I was, in the real world and started thinking about love. 
I immediately pulled out my phone and started texting my friend E, and every single time he replied to anything I said I could feel his companionship to what I was saying. He completely understood how I felt. And he was there for me. 

I then started texting this girl I had feelings for (another fellow tripper). And told her how in my eyes she was green, which is my favorite color. And it represented how I felt about her. As she was pure and how my feelings for her were natural and organic. 
I then started to realize what true love was, and how love is the answer to everything. 

I'll end this with something I wrote while tripping. 

Love is immortal in more ways then one man can understand. It creates unity. It quenches all thirsts in life all needs and wants. Love goes on while time stands still. It all becomes one in the end of all things. When all we do is exist there can't be much else that comes henceforth. For we all are one. We remain as one

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