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1st DMT EXPerience


Kaleidoscopic imagery within seconds of the hit from an oil rig. Took two inhalations to clear milky, yellow tinted, smoke. Body almost immediately tensed up. Sat back upon couch. More intense fractals than ever visualized on psychedelics so far before. Head heavy. Eyes close. Pop! I am gone. Like the flash from a old fashioned bulb camera. Brightness. Entities and or beings appear before my observational field. I only remember them as smiling faces. Cannot make out much or many defined features of them. Took me on a excitedly welcoming tour. Positivity all around. Circus/Carnival vibrational energies. They seemingly set me down on a surgical surface inside a entheogenic hospital. Somehow aware myself still sitting on a couch. These sentient other dimensional aliens somewhere behind and beyond this "reality." Opened up the bodily insides. Examined I. Repaired and reconfigured. Removing useless parts or pieces. Fixing others. Implanting and improving. Gave an impression sort/kind of like a human car wash in a sense. I was already or became their cyborg and or android. I then was sat onto what was imagined to be a wheel chair getting guided outside. A doctor hands me a galactic lollipop during the way out. Then all of a sudden as the doors open I am back. Really very dream like. Almost nearly indescribable. Cannot clearly conceptualize most of what felt awhile adrift between time and space. . . . Possibly and probably my most memorable trip. I had eaten "magic" mushrooms, Psiiocybe Cubensis I think, a total of nine times at the time a month ago (now ten). An (1/8th) four times and five grams a handful amount. I slightly seen external/internal forces on these, but yet not as "real" I suppose. Just shadowy glimpses instead into realms unknown I guess. Only done LSD aka acid once two hits, estimated at 100 - 200 micrograms each, making that 200 - 400ug. Plan to soon again though. Moving up 2 more, to truly get a grasp into Lucy and make sure I touch that high erowid dosage which the point personally is to go far as I can. I have an exponential growth system set up, slightly scientific. Not sure if this is the place to explain that though. Although I currently desire to do no more than 10g of shrooms and 1000ug of LSD. Hoping to reach those during the next five to ten years. If then I will choose whether to go on higher, stay at the same, lower it, or stop altogether.

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