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My first LSD trip


Hello, after long time I decided to try acid and I tried it today. So I just going to say what happend after taking first hits.

We just came to beautiful place and we had some weed because I've been with friend it was his first acid experience too. So we had one blotter and we cute it in the half he ate that half and I've cut my half in half again and putted it under my tongue after about 10 minutes I felt that colors might be brighter but I didn't knew what :D and when I ate the rest of my LSD half and after taking it we smoked pot but that was very strange I've been happy like always after taking pot, but it was strange because I couldn't figure out what I'm feeling at that moment and in some moments I've seen that everything is spinning around a little bit, but as soon as I stop walking nothing spinning anymore and what effect was probably about 3-4 hours length. And in the evening a felt that my eyes was dry or something, so I just think that LSD didn't kicked in or may be a little bit. My friend didn't feel anything except pot, I think because he spit out the blotter of LSD. 

I'am planning to take LSD again, and how do you think will it kick in how it should, and how much of LSD should I eat next time a take it? I think that I will take half for start and than the other half, or is it better to take one blotter at once?

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