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First DMT trip

Essentially Raped by a Dragon

I wish to preface this by stating my prior experience: I have eaten mushrooms 20+ times, I think about 3 or 4 8th trips, and I have taken acid 20+ times as well, I think many more times than mushrooms, and the most I've ever taken was two tabs, but they were really good kinda one hit quit tabs. So anyways, I first tripped on mushrooms when I was 15 during the summer going into my sophomore year of high school, then winter break when I was 16 during my sophomore year where I tripped a few days after christmas. Once when I took an 8th of penis envy mushrooms, I perceived a delusional circumstance where my friend was the devil and had killed me and stolen my soul. Once half a year later, I took two tabs of acid and thought the same thing happened with a different guy. So yeah, I am currently a junior in college on break, and last Monday I tried DMT for the first time, and I believe I broke through.

This was powdery orangish DMT that was extracted by one of my friends. My other friend, we'll call Arnold, had tried the DMT twice before I got home from school to try it with him, and he said he got spooked by these threshold effects where he saw demonic faces in his walls and kept thinking there was something sitting with him that kept disappearing every time he looked at it. Anyways, he wanted me to try it, so I did. I vaped it in his basement, not sure how much it was, but he said it was more than he did before. I sucked in all of the vape that was there, tasting this foul, almost plasticy-sewage like stench from this DMT gas. Although this was fucking gnarly, I did not cough. I let it all absorb in my lungs and seconds after it did, I felt like I became weightless. I turned my head and body to lay down on the couch instead of sitting upright, and as I did this, everything I saw in my line of vision trailed into swirls of tiny geometric shapes and patterns that rotated like gears.

As I laid down, almost robotically in a sense, I heard the high pitch ring come accompanied by a sort of digeradoo low frequency that seemed to visually oscillate the whole room. At this moment it also felt like my senses just vanished in a weird sense, like I exited the sensory realm of my own skin. Right before that though, it seemed like some electrical or firery sensation was coming over me, like I was burning. All of this coming at once like some sort of fucked up sensory rollercoaster kind of irked me in a way, where although I persisted with a will to remain conscious and alive, it was hard to convince myself that I wasn't dying. It was like reality was being taken away, or it was vanishing, and something else was taking over. Though after contemplation, I realized it could be that what we think is reality is the illusion, and I was actually being shown what the reality of our existence is. 

In this reality, as it started to appear to me as I stoically stared at the ceiling wide eyed, was me being some sort of thing in a metallic, electric blue room that glowed, and I was being fueled by some sort of energy that was pulsating throughout my body and fueling my sensory experience. I felt like all of my orifices were being opened as I was compressed against the couch, and at this point I heard a sort of shit noise that made me think and feel like I shat myself and/or pissed my self. It just felt like I lost all control in that region of my body hahaha. But anyways, this was accompanied by very vivid and distinct visuals on the ceiling that were symbols that looked like a combination between Sanskrit, circuitry, and musical notes. These were appearing and moving around in rigid fashions, while various diamond grids and other geometric formations came in and out of the picture. But all of this gave me the impression that I was in this glowing room composed by and/or of some divine circuitry and hieroglyphic power. 

Immediately after those sensations, I felt as though something swiftly entered me through my ass, though not physically but like of some sort of pseudo-vapor. Then I closed my eyes and had the sensation of a dragon flying very quickly toward me in my vision, but the dragon was just a long serpent with hands and feet, but a circular face that was my face with a more evil, sort of demonic smile on it. I had the impression that it was laughing at me as it swam through my ass and out my mouth, but then it seemed like the dragon swallowed me and shat me out. I opened my eyes and looked over at my friends Arnold and Gerald. Their heads were huge and alien shaped and Gerald had eyes near his mouth. I put my thumbs up and said "All good? Good?" because I was making sure that I wasn't dead and hadn't been rushed to the hospital or anything. And they were like oh yeah all good man. 

So I felt fine afterwards, after awhile everything stopped spontaneously changing in my vision, so it seemed like a series of doors had been opened, I was brought through, and then I was brought back out to have all the doors sealed once again. I was amazed at how great I felt afterwards, how clean I felt, and I just said that I thought I made some sort of mess in my pants, but had not made any mess at all. I acknowledged the experience as being swallowed and shat out by a cosmic being, then I thought more about the electric room elsewhere hypothesis, but overall I was just glad that I wasn't dead. I got the notion that that whole experience is something that happens when you die, and that usually your mind is wiped and your memories are stored in your soul's unconscious, but since I didn't actually die, I just saw what the sensory process is like. Anyways, it was fucking crazy and I really can't say with any conviction what exactly happened, only that it was similar to other times that I felt like entities were bringing me through a series of sensory traps that brought me to different dimensions.

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