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First LSD Experience

TRIP #1 LSD #1 Nov. 2012

Hey I'm new here so if I posted this in the wrong level of trip please let me know.

So when I was seventeen, this was two years ago in November.  My parents had gone away for a weekend and my 20-year old brother and I had the house all to ourselves.  That Friday afternoon my brother had come home from college and when he got home he slapped 3 hits of LSD down on the table and said, "there you go" or something like that.  He knew that I really wanted to do them so he got me some and offered to be my trip sitter.

Anyway, let's get started with the trip.

at 4:00 PM I ingested 1.5 hits (150 ug?) of LSD.  Approximately 40 minutes later I was feeling the effects of it.  I didn't know exactly what I was feeling but I knew that I wasn't sober.  My brother came downstairs and saw me on the couch and he knew I was feeling it.  That's when he told me to go outside in the backyard so I did.  As soon as I stepped outside I breathed it all in.  All of the trees and grass and sky and birds.  It was all better than I normally saw it, but in a way where I felt like it had always been that beautiful, I just had taken until then to see it that way.

After about 20 minutes I came back inside and I laid down on the floor.  I was enthralled with taking everything in.  At that moment I invested my time in investigating the rug on the floor.  As I got very close to it I began to move my hand over the surface and the carpet acted differently based on where my hand was.  It was almost as if there was a static or magnetic-like pull in the rug and my hand was pulling it up off the floor closer to it.  It was my first hallucination.  My own very environment was changing based on my presence.  After placing my hand in the air close to the rug the fibers would rise up, and then moving my hand away it would stop.  I could move my hand parallel to the floor to create a wave like effect on the floor.  I remember trying to tell my brother what I was seeing and being unable to.  Every time I started a sentence my mind would get distracted.  I don't even know why but I could only manage to mutter half a word before my speech was caught.  Eventually I got flustered and just said "Can you see that?"  But he wasn't on any LSD, so of course he couldn't.

The walls had also started to  breathe.  When I turned to face a wall at first I just saw a normal wall, but after I kept looking at it for a while the focal point I was staring at would pull towards me.  So many things I don't even have words to describe.

I'm not sure how long I was looking at carpet, maybe an hour, but then my brother brought me upstairs to look at the wood paneling on the floor of the kitchen.  I had began to regain my ability to talk by then.  Looking at wood was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  The wood didn't look like it normally did, after looking at it for a while it looked glossier than normal and I started to see multiple layers in the wood.  The wood had became a three layered structure, with the top layer being clear and see through like glass, and the bottom layer being the brown wood.  The middle layer had turned liquid and started to slowly flow downward.  This really worked well with the pattern of the wood.  I wish I could have taken video of what I was seeing.  I feel so unable to describe how awesome it was to see the wood become a river.  After I saw the wood like this I went to my laundry room.  It was tiled and coated with linoleum.  The surface had become somewhat gel-like and underneath it glowed.  The tile was generally dark, but it would begin to glow in parts and the pulse from the front to the back of the room.  Crossed with the tiles lighting up and glowing were the lines in between them lighting up at opposite times.  The lines would pulse right after the tiles did and it was beautiful.

Upon returning to the kitchen the I began to see faces in the floor.  It started with one face, and then that face kept duplicating itself across the floor.  They were all adjacent to each other and it was like when you cut apart paper snowflakes and then bring one apart into twenty, except it went horizontally and vertically.

This brings us to my peak for the trip that night.   The sun had fallen and my brother brought me out back to go down our backyard towards the creek at the bottom of the hill.  It was dark and we walked down the pathway that was coated with moss on the sides and I noticed there was an awfully lot more amount of moss than normal.  It appeared like the moss was following me down the hill.  Every time I took a step further the moss would grow across the ground with me, until I reached the middle of an open space at the bottom of the hill.  At that point the moss kept growing further and it grew underneath me into the shape of a five petaled flower.  And then in that moment it lit up.  It was white and bright and everything around us became pitch black until my brother called my name and I snapped out of it.

We continued past my flower point and in between us and the creek was a downhill covered with a bunch of wiry branches.  I knew that these branches had a thorn on them every once in a while, so as a result I saw thorns all over the branches.  Because it was so dark I was unable to be sure that they weren't there.  Luckily my brother brought a flashlight and he turned it on.  Illuminating the branches I was able to see that there were in fact, no thorns.  But as soon as he moved the light all of the thorns I saw there before grew back.  It must have taken half an hour to get down and another half an hour to get back up.  At the bottom of the hill was what was nice though.

I saw the moonlight all over the water and when I looked up at the moon I saw it hanging low just over the oncoming water.  It looked like a painting from China.  I found myself wondering how things that were completely normal and looked fine became so beautiful.

After that we went back up and inside and I finished coming down off of the LSD.  In total the trip lasted around 5-6 hours and it was a really great experience.  Standing on a flower was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and I can't wait to experience it again.

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