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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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High again,it`s "arba"once moore!

High again,it`s "arba"once moore! Yesterday Thurday 1998-08-27 I cooked som cubensistea.At 20:40 in the afternoon it was consumed! I had prepared me with candels,
good music and had the phoneanswer on.The music was soft techno(ambient music)with totally qurling slings of synhts.
Felt good the whole 'time',as one can call the "time" when
the trip starts! It was a spiritual trip.The flowers and the
water I drank was gifts from a higher intelligece(God),I will call the Intelligence,I`m not a religious person usually,but I tryed to copy my 4-level trip(All is LOVE ?)
With the candellights flickering and the music all around,
colours streamed in my Mind and in my room.Have marked that
when I take Psilocybinschrooms by myself it tends to be
wonderful Cosmic insights and religious dito. If we are many
that take schrooms it´s moore like we enter a landscape of joy and magic,and have a lot of fun! I never trip with unexperienced people,it´s important that we know each other.
I belive that some sort of qantumjump happens when one take
Psilocybin and other Psychedelia in the Mind of fellow trippers. From my own point of wiew,I think that the moore people that turns on,on Psychedelics,the better world we will have! In my last trip(level 4)I said that Psilocybe cubensis was leagal here in Sweden,BUT Aug.1:th it became illeagal.Still is Cyanenses leagal to by,and an entheogen
called 2CT-2(?)is allso leagal to by in our splendid
online shop in Stockholm "SmartDrugStore"!
<http://www.smartdrugstore.com> ! It´s fantastic that the
shop can exist in a country that will "end all druguse"!
I recommend a visit on their Site!!!
Love to ya All 'arba'

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