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It all flows

Our little island

This summer I ordered 60 grams of p. sclerotia atlantis (a pretty potent truffle also referred to as the Philosopher's Stone) and decided that it was time for my friend b and I to finally go picnic as we had been planning for a long time. So, after getting the truffles in the mail, I called her and she came over. We packed a basket with cookies, some apple juice and bottled water and put a pizza in the oven. We went down to my room and divided the truffles. I ate 20 grams and b took 12, as she didn't want to trip that hard. We retrieved the pizza, packed it and also took with us my blanket, to sit on later. We were super excited, but I had some nausea as always, because truffles don't sit well with me.

We stepped out the door, highly motivated and started making our way to the top of the mountain I live on (we wanted to go there because you get an awesome view of the entire city and the mountains that surround it). It was really hot out, so we moved slowly through the forest. Almost before reaching the spot where we wanted to be, I had to pee. So, b waited for me a little further up and I went to pee on a nearby tree. As I stood there, trying to take a piss, I noticed that the tree was starting to warp all of a sudden and decided that it would be smarter to get to the spot as quickly as possible, before the trip really started. I could pee later anyways. So we jumped a fence, pushed through some really high grass (b said that she thought some pokemon could jump out anytime) and picked the perfect place for our picnic. We laid out the blanket over some grass and b said that it looked like we just covered a corpse, so I evened out the blanket, refusing to let this turn into a bad trip. I took my laptop out of b's backpack and started playing my trip playlist. And that's when the trip really started.

I stood there for a good 10 minutes, my back to the city, having intense visions inside my head. I was thrown into every city I had ever visited, every place I'd ever been to - Miami, Australia, anywhere I recalled having been to - and I realized that it was all connected. My memories became a small network and I saw the entire world inside my head, but it kept zooming out until I saw the universe in its entirety and I saw how it flowed with time, all slowly circling together into a white hole. I closed my eyes to get a better look and I saw my exact position in the universe, my hands went up into the sky and I felt like was reaching into infinity. 

Completely astonished, I opened my eyes again and saw that b was lying on the blanket. She was spacing out too and said that if she would move now, she would probably lose control of her body. I decided to lie down as well. I put on my sunglasses and stared into the sky. It was beautiful. There were kaleidoscope shapes everywhere. But I sort of felt like the sun was burning me up. I stripped until I only had my underwear on. It felt better. B also took off her shirt and laid there with her bikini on. I took off my shoes, to feel the grass under my feet and as I did so, it felt like I was part of the world. I felt the entire globe underneath my feet and I was really happy.

As we laid there, in the tall grass, it felt like we were cut off from the rest of the world. I looked over at b and she was a radiant goddess of light. We agreed that it felt like we were on an island of friendship, floating through space. I got up, because I felt that I had to puke and I did. I returned to our spot and b asked me wether I was ok and I told her that I felt much better now.

After some time of taking it all in, we sat up and stared at our city. I felt like the entire city was floating on a giant river. It was intensely beautiful. There was this small mountain too, in the middle of the city, that b said looked like a sleepy cat and it did and then I saw the huge mountains at the horizon and they looked like a sleeping woman. There were some clouds there too that looked like the gods from Olympus came down to greet us. 

B took out the pizza and we started to eat it. It was kinda gooey and it was pretty much the best thing I'd ever eaten. I was a bit concerned that I'd bite off my tongue accidentally, though, so I chewed extra carefully. When I was done, I laid back down and enjoyed the visuals.

After about 4 hours, the trip was over. We packed up and went back down to my house. We enjoyed the afterglow by watching OITNB and Malcolm In The Middle. Was pretty nice, all in all. B stayed over for the night and we both agreed that the trip was intense.

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