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Seeing through the Matrix. I am all, I am nothing, I exist and don't exist...

22.5 grams of fresh Sclerotia (truffles)

Trip data

Last trip, about 5 months ago.

22.5 grams of fresh Sclerotia (truffles.)

Consumed at 10:30 PM with orange juice (ate the truffles whole.)

Last meal around 3:00 PM plus a tiny snack around 8:30pm.

Tripped in my bedroom (laying down in bed) pitch black and completely silent room.

Wife asleep, sober and willing to help me in case of need.



Around 10:30 PM I started eating my truffles. Three of them for some reason had an extremely bitter taste, pretty much unbearable, my face while chewing freaked out my wife a little bit (my first time with truffles) but after those three, the rest had a bit of a nutty taste, not bitter at all. Texture was fine.


Come up

The Come up was way more intense than cubes. About 20 minutes later, I started feeling a lot of energy building up within my legs. This is a good sign for me during the come up that the potency is high. The energy on my legs kept raising until I started feeling a bit more of the body high so I told my wife and we went to bed. She reminded me several times if I needed something, to please wake her up (gotta love your caring wivesJ)


I felt slightly different that from Shrooms, it is hard to explain, but I felt the energy different. This might be because I am very energy sensitive and this is my first trip in my new house, where the energy is very different than what I am used to. Energy is great, don’t get me wrong, just way more Earthy than were my previous home was, so this might have made an influence as well. I was happy because I felt that the trip was going to be strong.


I am the lucky few that do not get any nausea on the come up (which compensates the fact that I am a bit resistant against psilocybin and need a bit of a higher dose.) A bit of weird thoughts came to me, but I experienced psilocybin before and I knew I was in control, so those thoughts left away pretty fast.



As usual, hallucinations were very mild almost inexistent, but I do not seek hallucinations, so it does not bother me at all, I just point it out for a more complete trip report. I usually get very little to no hallucinations in my trips, yet the trips are very intense. Putting into account that the potency was strong, for someone more hallucination-sensitive, they would get plenty. I got mainly auditory hallucinations (one of the reasons probably because of pitch black room.)


After a while of laying back in bed, my mind started to expand and my consciousness to break the veil of what the human being can perceive. The trip started out very weird, it felt pretty awesome for me to be honest, but maybe it could have freaked out some people, I don’t know. I first (auditory hallucination) stared to hear a lot of strange noises. Nothing creepy or whatsoever, but very metallic noises and like computers. But this description is not even accurate… is hard to describe the sound I heard, but it was like very Matrix. From here, I could clearly see (but I know this was my third eye seeing) that everything was information. Somehow like in The Matrix, those green numbers and letters, but not exactly the same. I really felt that the world we live in is fake. Nothing is real and the way human beings perceive everything is way inaccurate. Reality as we perceive it is programmed, our entire world is programmed, and we are programmed. Why, psychedelics, which creates no harm at all to the physical body, are banned in most countries? Because these allow to perceive the truth behind the mist we live within, we truly open our eyes. Collective consciousness is an extremely powerful weapon that can both control the masses as well as freeing the masses. If we all saw through the veil, the world as we know it would definitely fall apart and we all would ascend (nothing to do with death, passing) to a higher state of consciousness and so, a more blissful life here on Earth.


I knew that in that moment, I could just walk through a wall or just make stuff to cease to exist or to start to exist, but I was aware that due collective consciousness I still have the same boundaries (despite my believe) and that it would not make a difference, so I did not move from bed, lol. But I really felt how much we are missing with our 5 senses… I could hear energy, I could see in total darkness and I could feel everything around me.


I want to make a note here, as you probably know, a trip comes in waves. They are more noticeable when losing the peak, and there are stronger and softer moments. I found this to be extremely true and noticeable for truffles, as I had moments of very intensity and then, out of the blue, everything going away, even a relaxed and silent mind, and suddenly, bang! Mindfuck back.


Most of the trip was about the feeling of freedom, woe-less existence, bliss, love and joy. I could feel very grateful for my life and especially for my wife. It was a sensation of peace and love very intense. I kept wondering why human live is so full of crap, pain and despair, and why we could not be in this constant state of bliss all the time (don’t get me wrong, I do not mean an endless trip/mindfuck, but a state of perceiving the world how it really is and not how we are programmed to believe it is, that a sober life would have no room for negativity at all as well as complete free will.


I was also very aware that my thoughts were not my thoughts, that it was everybody’s thoughts and all their thoughts were mine also. I realizing how much a single thought can affect universally.


All I wanted was peace and detachment from this controlled world. I have seeking beyond Source in other trips, and witnessed the infinity of the worlds and the universes, so pretty much I remained in a state of healing and recharging batteries as well appreciating how beautiful the world really is (from beyond of what we perceive normally.)


I know I had some other thoughts, some silly thoughts about insignificant things and laughing over them, but I do not believe these were wisdom-thoughts to learn from, since I asked my Spirit Guides to help me retain the memories of what matter the most. I have vague memories of having huge desires to write stuff down, and thoughts I had, but I had no idea how. Being in a dark room in complete silent, warm under the sheets of my bed, I ceased to exist. I forgot I had a physical body. I realized I was only consciousness (which we truly are, despite being programmed for the opposite.) So for a very long time (time dilation was heavy, so it is impossible to keep track) I was just consciousness, in a state of bliss, peace, happiness, love and joy. Nothing else mattered. Even I was not consciousness, I was nothing and I was all at the same time. I did not even questioned where I was, or what I was, nothing really mattered, it is very hard to explain, but I am sure some of you know this very well. The truffles detach me from this massive programmed computer we are part of and my energy ceased to be donated to whoever is leeching us (I really do not want to get into conspiracy, etc. Did not happen during the trip, so there is no room in this report for that.)


Come down

I am also lucky that my come downs are not bad at all. I never experienced problems on a come down and neither did I on this one. However, I feel that the come down from truffles was gentler. I did not experience the classic, “Okay, the trip is ending. I am done. I want it to end.” And other states of confusion that I could slightly experience with mushrooms. Physically, I did not experience anything bad (I never do, only once on a trip type ago felt some nausea, but that was due an energetic issue.) I slowly went to pee and slowly walked back to bed, feeling my body, feeling my breathing without doing any abrupt moves. Relaxed in bed on my back, breathing peacefully for a while, while experience very tiny waves (I did not experience any rebounds like happens with Shrooms) until I ended falling asleep.


Next day

I had a bit of a weird stomach for about 20 minutes or so, nothing to really point out, pretty insignificant that upon breakfast, it completely went away.  



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