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Amazing trip... with a not so good morning.

It was a thursday night and I had brought 5 grams of dried psilocybe cubensis off my dealer.

It was a thursday night and I had brought 5 grams of dried psilocybe cubensis off my dealer. They were a big ground up, and powdered, so we decided to use pudding cups and split the 5 grams. It was very easy to get down if you jsut stuck a spoonful in your mouth and swallowed it. It was around 1130 when we finished our shroom pudding. We had time to kill before it kicked in, so i rolled a joint and we went out on his porch and blazed that. I started noticing minor effects already. The joints cherry was glowing with an aura looked cool. We came back in and it was about 12:15 and threw on the happy tree friends dvd, and thats when i started having a good time. I noticed the walls breathing and moving in cool patterns. I also had alot of closed eye visuals such as lots of colors making cool designs. We turned off the lights, and tie dye like designs started forming in the blackness. We got bored of the tv, because we couldnt concentrate on it so we decided to turn off the tv and put on bjorks medulla cd and just chat about things. The cd was givin off a cool vibe, like there was lots of life in the room. And we started talking about wierd things like how my cousins cell phone looked like a "galactic space gun" and how shrooms teach you life lessons, and about how we felt like writing a book with all teh thoughts we had going through our minds. I had some pot left from earlier so i decided to pull out my little bong and hit some bs. It took me about 2 hours to actually do that, because i jsut had a hard time concentrating. My mind was jsut drifting off. Like it took me about 30 minutes to get my bong out and fill it with water, then another 30 to pack it, and i finally started smoking an hour after that. We decided it was getting late, so we hit the sack, but considering we were still pretty fucked we couldnt sleep until 6 in the morning. The anxiety was killing us. We threw on the tv and jsut watched it and talked about it until we finally fell asleep. Haha now heres whats fucked up. I woke up feeling very light-headed. I went to the washroom to take a piss but the lightheadness just got worse so i had to hold myself up on the wall, after that i remember waking up with my head ontop of my cousins playstation 2, and seeing blood. My cousins like fuck man you jsut fainted! and you cut your face open on my ps2. Though it wasn't very bad, it could've been alot worse. I just recomend to all you first timers that you research your shrooms before you try them. Start with small doses. This is a very mind altering drug and not to be tooken lightly. peace

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