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Complete Ego Death

4.0g Hawaiian gold caps

This was probably a month or two ago at the time of this writing.
This is my second mushroom trip.

The come up:

I took the mushrooms at about 3:00 and chewed them into complete mush, almost water like consistency, they tasted very mushroomy. I figured it would be an hour since before this it had been an hour almost on the dot. That being the case I started my computer up to listen to some music and play a game while waiting for them to kick in. 

20 minutes having passed I smoked a large bowl to make time go faster and I lost track of time at that point. I'm not sure of the chronological order of events now but I'll try my best to remember. The munchies had kicked in quite hard and I had made chocolate chip cookies earlier and not remembering that I should not eat due to nausea possibly happening. I had eaten probably two or three with some milk when I remember that I shouldn't and I dropped the cookie onto the paper towel I was using, going to my room again. I went into my bathroom and started taking a shower and that is when the trip started kicking in. A few visuals started dancing across my vision and my mind started to become clouded since I was quite stoned. The trip really ramped up quite quick and that is when the peak happened.

The Peak:

Still in the shower I remember small bits and pieces, one of the most prominent memories was that I had felt myself and it felt like I was touching my lip which was very weird, I did this for a small amount of time I believe to try and understand if it was real or not. during part of my time in the shower I saw with my eyes (sort of) that I was in the shower but in my mind, I wasn't sure if I was actually in there or not. I was on the verge of a bad trip at one point since I felt like I was feeling pain somewhat and I didn't know if I was hurting anybody or not which really scared me. My arms as well didn't look as if they were a part of me as I looked down and they were crossed (at the time I didn't know that) they looked as if they were coming from the left and right of me from out of my visual scope as I looked down, being that they weren't attached to me they looked like the Sphinx from Egypt each arm being one Sphinx. 

After that I got out of the shower and I dried myself off and put some boxers on, proceeding to get into my bed and get mind fucked. At some points I felt like my bed was vertical and only my head was flat on my pillow, the rest of my body from the neck down feeling stretched as I thought that I was upright and not laying down. I was in complete darkness, yet I saw flashes of light and yellow blobs around the room, making it so that I could see my room even though it was pitch black. I fell out of consciousness at this point and "woke up" some time later not knowing who I was or what had happened, it was somewhat scary but I felt like I shouldn't fight it and I let it happen this was the first time I had experienced ego death on this level but afterwards it was a very mind opening experience. and that was when I started to come down.

The Come Down:

I started talking to myself saying like "Wow that was intense." and the like. The come down was quite nice since I was tired and laying in my bed with my eyes closed just taking in what had happened and trying to reconstruct things in the way they happened. My mind sort of drifted to sleep but there was no real difference between dreaming while asleep and being awake. 

The next day I slept the whole day since I felt like I had a sort of hangover and I couldn't do anything without aggravating my condition 100 fold, but from the experiences I had I felt that it was worth it and I wouldn't take one second of it back. I think that what caused the hangover like symptoms was the fact that I didn't drink any water nor eat any food since I didn't know what it was or that I should do it. 

I hoped that you liked my trip report, feel free to comment what you liked and what I could improve upon with my writing style to get the message across more clearly, even though there are no real words that can describe what I felt as I'm sure everyone who has a a true psychedelic trip knows.

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