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Amazing 1st experience on shrooms

Psilocybin Semilanceata (liberty cap)

The other day I took psilocybin mushrooms. I had been looking into the mushrooms online, and seeing the reports of people who had taken them. They grow freely in fields, which made them easy to find. I took the shrooms with my friend T, who had took the day off college for it. We took 10 psilocybin semilanceata mushrooms each. This was an experience that I wont forget. I feel asif they healed a part of me. Which is what I had hoped for them to do. During the 1st hour I felt slight nausea and mild hallucinations. At the peak of the trip I remember me and T laughing hysterically at society and its game, and how on earth these mushrooms were illegal. I remember a point where I looked down at my bare arms and realised the truth that we are all creatures – animals of the planet. I remember a feeling of great spaciousness, and no commitments. Almost like a feeling I remember from long ago. At one point I cried for what I think was 5 minutes (time became distorted and irrelevant so I’m not sure), filled with empathy for other people, my family, and gratefulness for what they had provided for me. This was deeply humbling and opened up my heart. I felt my heart energy open up and fill my chest, I was on the floor at this point. I have never experienced this level of gratitude and empathy. All the tension in my body was released along with my emotions. I looked in the mirror and saw all the stress and tension wiped off my face, leaving a look of freedom in my eyes. After this we walked around the village, alienated by society but finding it very humorous. I was deeply rooted in the present moment, past nor future existed in my mind. We simply observed the world from this new perspective. I learned many things from this teacher plant, and I highly recommend this as an insightful but also enjoyable experience. 

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