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1st Trip on B+ home grown

Fun! But some dark avenues expored..

Hi, just thought I'd put up a report of my own trip after gaining so much info from other people's posts.

So I bought a grow kit and dried out my very own B+ cubensis shrooms to nearly cracker-dry (still a bit bendy). For the first time grower/tripper whose finding out if this is for them, kits are good in my opinion.

My scales are electronic but do not weight things by the half gram. Scheisse, thought I'd thought of everything. I originally only wanted to do a half to one gram trip and work up over time, but due to this problem ended up faffing around trying to work out how many shrooms were going to be what I wanted. I searched around on this and other websites for exactly HOW MANY dried shrooms of a certain size would equate to what I wanted but found nothing. I did read that two shrooms would be a gram so started with that (about 4-5cm tall with 1cm diameter hats).

After waiting for 45 minutes I started to feel warm in the belly but put that down to the glass of wine I'd just finished. So I had two more and carried on watching TV. The warmth in my belly became stronger and TV became funnier, but no visuals yet. I ate three more. Not much else happened apart from finding South Park very funny, but that's funny anyway so had three more. This totalled 10 shrooms eaten up to two hours 15 minutes after the first were consumed.

Visuals then started to happen; the fireplace pulsing in and out, the redundant, empty wine glass now doing a swirly dance on the sideboard. Looking at the scales in the kitchen, they started to move and shy away in amongst the other things they were next to on the worktop. The marble worktop itself came alive and the swirls became liquid, like watching blood course through veins on a microscope. Looking at myself inn the mirror evoked intense feelings and I think I started to age as I looked, so I went back to the TV where The Office rapidly turned into the funniest thing I've ever seen. I could FEEL the jokes; all my senses were tinging like that post-orgasm feeling, but constantly.

So I then decided to go to bed as my girlfriend was asleep and had to get up for work early. I thought that in the dark I might have some good visuals with my eyes closed. I nestled up to her in the dark, and she felt like the most wonderful being on the planet; like a loving goddess.

Then things got darker. I started to have mental images of cockroaches close up; real visceral stuff like death metal album covers or something. I felt panic and anxiety, I was being taken down into these long dark turbulent  thoughts and couldn't stop it. It was like surfing when a wave holds you underwater and you only come up when it lets you. I remembered what I'd read; to relax, breathe, remember that i was tripping and that it would end. Thank god I'd done preliminary reading because this totally got me through this period (1 hour ish) until I managed to go to sleep. THANK YOU all so much for that.

I woke up the next day and felt pretty good. Great even. I spent the whole day being ultra productive; tidying this and washing that. I got soooo much done and loved doing all of it! Today, the second day after, has been pretty much the same. Have been playing guitar more and drawing and generally being more creative. I feel focussed on doing things and furthering myself as a person now. The world looks amazing and life feels fucking fantastic. My focus has greatly improved.

I will be doing them again (my girlfriend wants a go now) but might not do so many. I think things got scary because I went to bed too early and it was dark. I would've gone to watch more TV to change the setting but I thought I'd wake the GF up. How do you avoid these dark thoughts? I fear doing stronger trips in case they just end up being a total headfuck of the first degree.

Would appreciate any feedback; I think this was a level 2 trip but not sure. One funny thing the next day was seeing a dad wallking with his daughter strapped to his front. It totally reminded me of Kuato from Total Recall!!


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