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First trip ever, LSD 240mcg



  About a week ago, I had my first ever trip. Had been curious for quite some time (I only ever smoke weed), but for whatever reason, other opportunities before this occassion just hadn't felt right. Then a trusted friend told me he could get ahold of some LSD. At first I fully planned on obeying the babysitter rule, and was going to wait for my cousin to have a day off. Instead, a couple days later, curiosity and utter BOREDOM got the best of me. After work one night, about 11pm, I got home, put Pandora on, letting it shuffle between Led Zeppelin, A Perfect Circle, and Kid Cudi stations.  Packed a bowl, opened a window and sat down on my bed waiting to see what would happen.

 About 45 minutes to an hour later, the first thing I noticed was that my body was vibrating all over. And felt heavy and light at the same time. Like i might float away, but also that i was glued to the bed and couldnt get up if i tried. Makes no sense. Lol then, out of the corner of my eye i noticed my shadow was moving in perfect rhythm to the music (Shine on You Crazy Diamond, at the time). But I didn't feel like it was moving at all. That was when I knew it was starting.. Laid back on the bed, just enjoying the sensations, then I realized how COLD i felt. But the window felt so far away... and then, my shirt was up and my hand was on my belly, and i thought about how warm it was, how warm and gushy, in comparison to my cold limbs. And suddenly realized feeling it was warming the rest of my body up.Had some thought about how i don't NEED to close the goddam window, i got the POWER in my belly.. lol or something cheesy as hell to that effect... focused back on it, and suddenly the image of a pulsating pile of earthworms, all mushed together underneath the dirt, would not get out of my mind, and i found this fascinating and HILARIOUS. The giggles took over completely. 

Eventually, I turned off the light and let the light from my electric oil lamp play a show on my ceiling. God, the colors. Never knew there were so many colors. They seemed to change with the music, match the emotions of the music.. and the images that were forming in the textured patterns of the ceiling changed with them. When it was purples and reds, for example, the images got sexual. Bodies intertwined, passionate faces. There were little bubbles, or fish mouths opening and closing with the music too. Eventually the entire ceiling was clay, just swirling all together, and i can't explain how beautiful it all was. I wanted to touch it, because i got the feeling it would feel like clay too, so warm and silky. But something wouldn't allow me to, had the distinct feeling that if i did the entire beautiful image woud be shattered. Later on, in the bathroom, i felt the rug, and it indeed felt like it was moving, but i still could not bring myself to touch the ceiling. Who knows...

At the height of this experience, the walls in the bedroom became a womb. They were glowing, membranous material, I could see tissues and capillaries, and they were swelling in and out, up and down, as I also heard breath all around me. Insane. At about 7 am, as the trip was wearing off a little, i heard the garbage trucks and decided it would look normal/ safe enough to go outside. Although nothing about the experience in my bedroom felt BAD, i was filled with the overwhelming need to get OUT. (Be birthed, maybe? haha) So i went for a walk up to the gas station for a drink. People seemed so strange and fascinating, and yet familiar. Like i knew them all like family. A little old lady was walking down the street looking confused, staring at he ground. I found myself dwelling on what that must feel like, to have lived so long...

Anyhow, I could go on and on with this but it's already quite lengthy. Last thing I'd like to say, though, is I was very concerned for a long time about doing this alone, as everyone preaches about having a sitter. Being a one-time tripper,  I won't pretend to be an expert and have the right to encourage this. However, I am a slightly socially anxious, introverted person and feel like doing this alone the frst time was a great idea.

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