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Amazing grace

This trip started in the normal way.

This trip started in the normal way. Me and my friend Matt had eaten about five or six goldtop shrooms and were sitting in Matt's apartment enjoying the first stages of the trip whilst listening to TOOL. After the walls started to bend and the initial nausea had passed I suggested we go for a walk to enjoy some outdoors scenery. Matt agreed but opted to smoke some pot first. He offered me a cone, Now I don't usually smoke pot because it makes me very self concious to the point of acute discomfort in social situations. I had however smoked while on shrooms before and noticed only a slight magnification of effects.
Anyway, I smoked a fairly large cone and soon my mind started to overwhelm me with a deluge of very srong sensations. My consciousness felt as if it was cracking at the edges and I had to try to hold it together amidst waves of anxiety that swept through me. I had to direct my awareness outwards instead of in so I sat at the computer and tried to access some pictures from the Hubble space telescope. But even this simple task of finding the correct folders and opening them was eluding me as I started to hear the accusatory voices of my parents, clearly as if they were actually there. "Oh no, what has he done. We'll have to get him sorted out" I was racked with guilt as all of my childhood fears of judjement and non worth swept over me whilst trying heroically to hold my mind together. I eventually accesed the pictures of Nebulae and gaseous clouds illuminated with awesome color and magesty of the infinite awe of the spirit. The song "third eye" was playing for anyone who is familiar with Tool, and as I lost myself in selfless heartrending awe I began to see clearly images of spirits taking shape within the stellar clouds. They communicated infinite understanding, sorrow and compassion for my lifes plights and blind stumbling grasps towards our eternal nature and home of the spirit. There was one cloud of stars, I think the Plieades system in which I beheld two figures with bright blue stars crowning their third eyes looking down on a third with the knowledge that there would be a forgetting as this child(me) passed into the dense world of matter and began its journey. this my consciousness beheld whilst listening to the desperate vocal strains "so good to see you, I've missed you so much, I'm so glad it's over I've missed you so much, Came out to watch you play, why are you running away.
I was transported and spent the remainder of the trip browsing through these awesome scenes embued with ages of poetic marvel and breathtaking awe. I was left feeling eternally grateful and reassured in my soul that I am not alone in this journey.

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