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2nd Time, Down the Stairs You Go

Not a bad trip, Just a weird one.

Hi, I'm P, this is my first story for you!

So, where to start? My friend N and I had decided to take shrooms for the second time ever, granted that I had done DMT before this. N and I found out a new guy had them so we decided that we would give them a shot, because why not? N picks up the stuff from the guys house and has to work a shift at work which is where he had first showed me the bag, the looked great, blue running up the stem and weighed out to exactly what we wanted. Since this was my second time using shrooms I wanted to do something different than staying inside for the whole trip, as is said they are better outside in nature; which is so true. After N got off work he drove to my place and we proceeded to go downstairs and wait till everyone in the house was asleep. There were two big shroomies about 2 grams each, one for me and one for him. N finished his off first and I took a little while longer; I suck at eating things that taste bad :/. After I was all done downing my big shroom, we decided to go outside. N by this point was already starting to feel it, by the time I had gotten outside I was only feeling a little weird. We went to the nearby golf course and just decided to walk the path, the course itself is beautiful, naturally. As we kept on going I felt it more and more, we also stopped for a weed break and smoked a bowl halfway through our walk, the sky was beautiful and the stars shined so bright. N was fascinated by the sky and it became a main focus of our walk as the moon was shining off the glimmering water. Bright colors and beautiful imagery streaked across the night sky. We made our way around one hole and were getting to the start of the next hole. I knew this place like the back of my hand so I had no worries of getting lost.

After we reach the tee box we both heard something. It sounded like voices. I couldn't tell where it was coming from and I could've just been tripping for all I know. I listened closer and it sounded like it was bouncing off the water from across the course. It definitely was human voices. This freaked N out a little and I just told him that it was fine and we should just head back, he calmed down a bit and we just speed walked back in the damp grass cutting across the course. We make our way back to the house and we were both pretty trippy by this point, we get inside through a window which was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life because of how tripped out I was; the jump back in was only like 2 feet if that. We get inside and lay down on the two couches downstairs. I for some reason just knock the fuck out. I literally just passed out, like an hour away from my peak; I have no idea how the fuck I passed out.

I woke up a hour later, and I realized something. I was full on peaking after my hour nap. The curtains downstairs were moving, the walls were breathing, the room made me feel like I was in an ancient Rome house, the T.V. was waving rippling through the screen. I put in my headphones and let the fun begin. Looking over at N, I could see he was having just as much fun as I was. All he was doing was laying down staring straight up at the ceiling, we were both couch locked; N probably because of the weed but I was just amazed at how hard I was tripping when I woke from my nap.

The trip continued till 5:30-6:00am and after it had finally subsided a bit, I sat up and looked at N who I thought had fallen asleep at this point. I went to grab my bowl and weed because I wanted to get high, laying on a couch for 4 hours really makes you sore, haha. N saw me get up and asked what was up, I told him I was going to smoke, he got up to join me on my excursion. We finish packing the bowl while discussing our wild rides for the past 4 hours. N was excited because he had a great trip, talking about the outdoors because it was the focal point of our trip, really. N and I proceed to walk upstairs and go outside to smoke the bowl.

This is where the second part of my story comes into play. N and I were smoking and admiring the stars again because we were still tripping a little. The stars just popped out of the sky and it had a green haze to it. Half way through the bowl I felt a little light headed. I just ignored it and was like "I'll just get a drink before I go downstairs, I'm probably just dehydrated". We finish up and I felt even more light headed, it was like my head was extremely heavy and my brain wanted to shut down. I grabbed a water from the fridge. N was behind me and I went to open the door, feeling even more light headed. I get to the stairs and I was like I'll just get downstairs really fast and sleep. I start walking down the first step, opened my water and took a sip to the second step. Reaching for the third step, my vision went blurry, my mind went dark, my thoughts stopped. Everything just went dark. I remember feeling my body just drop. Falling without control like a ragdoll. I literally rolled down the stairs completely to my body's discretion. I nailed my chin on the railing, hit my back a few times, created a rug burn on my elbow and forearm. I hit the bottom, knocking open the basement door with my unconscious body, rolling to the tile where my eyes finally could see again. N was only able to see me when I got half way down and was in a full on roll. N ran down the stairs and asked if I was okay, sounding extremely worried. I told him I was fine, but like WHAT THE FUCK just happened. He was just in shock and I couldn't believe it myself. I asked for my water took a few sips sat up and tried to recount my steps. This is all I can remember, which is more than I thought I would.

I'm fine today, I think I only blacked out because of dehydration and hunger along with no sleep. I should've sat down on the steps after feeling like that. Now I know. Don't push it kids, because you might end
up down the stairs like this bright one.

Thanks for reading!
       - P

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