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mushroom madness

asteral projection

Here's my first trip report of an experience I'll never forget last summer.

So to start off this was my second time with shrooms and I felt pretty confident after my first trip so I decided to go for a full 8th this time.

A few good mates came over and we stocked up on a half and split it up accordingly, we all dropped at the same time.
About 45 minutes into it the lights started to change and get pretty goofy, we have these wicked mushroom shapped lights hanging from my ceiling and they were rapidly changing colors. About 30 minutes after that I was tripping fucking balls, if anyone's every played the assassins creed series before each area it renders with tessilated polygons and I was seeing that everywhere, the walls were wire frame and the lights looked like the universe it was amazing. An hour later were all running around the house being goof balls having a great time when I see my sister emerge from the upstairs bathroom with mascara and makeup running down her face, apparently her boyfriend broke up with her and she railed a ton of her ADHD medicine to the point where I thought it was going to be an ER trip. This freaked me out so bad thinking the EMTs and police might have to show up and were all completely fucked on mushrooms. She was barely saying anything and I started to freak out hard. One of my mates sat me down in this super comfy recliner chair I have and tried to reassure me she was going to be okay. In the blink of an eye I went third person, I astral projected from my body... I walked across the street and went behind this building. I pulled out my .40 cal handgun I keep by my bedside and shot myself straight through the temple. I instantly snapped back to my body and my eyes opened insanely wide. This felt so real it was insane. I didn't tell Anyone until the next day in fear of tripping them out. I walked to my bedroom and sat in the darkness for a bit, the shadows turned into demons and the room started to glow a purple red and get hot. I ran back downstairs screaming I'm in hell as all my friends laughed. One took care of my sister and she seemed to be okay for the time being so I began to enjoy the rest of my trip. It ended on a great note watching adventure time and being so captivated by the lemon hope episode, shit is insane I swear that show was meant for kids on shrooms and LSD haha. Went to bed shortly after and by shortly it was somehow 12 hours later and morning already. I have a new appreciation for setting and place when tripping. Although a terifying experience I wouldn't take it back for the world

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