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Amazing first trip

The first time I tripped on any hallucinogen was last year (June 2002) during my freshman year at college in Boston.

The first time I tripped on any hallucinogen was last year (June 2002) during my freshman year at college in Boston. Most of my friends had tripped before and I was always amazed and eager to hear about their trip reports. Two of my friends who had tripped before had bought some shrooms for a friend and had about a half an eighth left over so the asked me if I wanted to take it that night and of course I accepted!
I ate them around midnight after I stuck them in a few twix bars. The shrooms didn't start to kick in until around 12:45 which is about the time my friend put in Kid A by Radiohead. Within a few minutes of listening to this amazing record I laid down on the floor and rolled into the fetal position to listen and see the music. I was in my own psychedelic world with colors moving around everywhere and musical notes flying towards me with the beat and tempo of the music. My friends kept asking me what I was seeing and all I could mutter was, "I see the music!"
The big "AH HA" about my trip was not this amazing color display in my brain but rather a odd sense of how the concept of time is false. Twenty minutes "real-time" felt like twenty years "trip time". Whenever I looked at the clock (which I strongly urge you not to do) I was amazed that only two minutes went by when I thought a few months or years did.
When my friend's roommates wanted to go to bed us three got kicked out so we went to hacky sack outside. I was really frightened about interacting with other people while tripping so I put up a little resistance but then I realized I was going to have to go so I might as well do it. Let me tell you that hacking while tripping is a whole lot harder to do than while stoned.
I got real bored of that so we went over to the Christian Science Center downtown to view the sights. It was a beautiful summer night with the stars out and it was quite warm. We headed over to the giant reflecting pool which is the size of a football field. This is where my trip got amazing! I laid flat out on my stomach with my hands in the water and went into my own world. I had seen a digital poster on the internet that day of a large body of perfect water with giant, metallic, reflective spheres floating just over. In my mind I left my body and hovered across the water to the spheres. There I found a lot of fun in seeing my reflection in addition to the reflection of the skyscrapers and beautiful buildings in the sphere. All of a sudden a security guard came over and asked if I was alright. At the same time about 20 other college kids went running into the reflecting pool alerting all the guards so he left us alone.
It was now about 3:00 AM so we decided to start walking back towards campus. On the way we ran into a few of our friends who told us they got in a fight with the bouncer at a club and one of them fell because he was so drunk and cut up his head. To a sober person this wasn't the biggest of news but it felt like the end of the world to me. I started getting really uneasy so I turned to my two friends who had been with me the entire time and said, "Let's go now". They understood how I was thinking and brought me back to one of their dorm rooms where I just sat and drew in a notebook until I passed out. The next day we all got a laugh out of the pictures I drew!

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