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My first mushroom trip


I was sixteen at the time, I had been interested in trying hallucinagenics and had researched and decided that shrooms seemed like my first choice. So after a couple of months of looking I asked a friend who said he could get some, we smoked some weed and waited for his connect to arrive. We heard the door after a couple of minutes he walks back up with an eighth hands it to me I say good bye and walk home. My parents got home I say hello we eat dinner and go our separate ways. I was sitting in my room looking at the mushrooms and decided I couldn't wait I grabbed some water and ate them. I actually liked the taste.

0:00 the mushrooms have been eaten and I play gta 4 to pass the time

0:30 I begin questioning the legitimacy of these shrooms.

0:45 I feel a weird feeling almost identical to a weed high but I felt heavy

1:00 the feeling was strong now and I could see slight movement on my wall and when I crashed going at high speeds the screen would almost warp in

1:15 strong visuals walls are breathing my window appears to be bent at a 90 degree angle.

1:45 I feel so good in an absolute state of bliss. I go to get something to drink and see my dad playing batman arkham city and he asks for my help doing a riddler puzzle where you have to throw the baterang. So I try, it was a little tricky with the obstacles growing 

2:00  still with my parents watching my dad play batman. Everything's moving, the floors moving up and down, the walls are flowing like a river

2:20 I get up to go to the bathroom, as I walk in the floor tiles start switching around, as I sit down on the toilet I look at our carpet I see whirl pools swirling around I try to stick my finger in and it looks like it's sucking my finger in. When I looked in my mirror it was pure euphoria my face was moving, I realised I was in there for a while so I walk out and sit back down.

3:30 not much has happend just enjoying the visauls

4:00 the visuals began to fade 

4:30 visuals are gone just a weed like high feeling

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