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My first time was great.

My first time was great. I took one cap and two stems, it ws the perfect amount for me.

I knew it had kicked in when I started laughing about nothing and could not stop for like 10 minutes. Then all of a sudden I was playing with my finger on my leg and I looked and my finger was melting into my leg like it was was or something.

I tripped with four other people, perfect amount, the second time I tripped to many people were there and most were not tripping, which gives off a bad vibe.

The five of us found a cotton mattress cover/pad very interesting. We all got under it and stayed there for like a hour, it was so fun. We called it our cloud nine, and thru out the night when we got confuesed we would all quickly get under the cover.

My friends cousin came downstairs adn played live music for us on his guitar and piano and sang. It was so beautifull and I could feal the music so intensely. I now appreciate so many other types of music.

The second time was really fun because unlike the first time where we jsut sat there the whole time, this time I ran around the house all night with my friends doing random things. Like we built a "house" in my garage out of furniture that we were storing and sat on some old antigue chairs and acted like we were british ladies having tea. Wierd, I know but it was so fun and crazy.

The only bad thing I ever saw tripping was I looked up to the basement storm type window and I saw a little face of a like a leperchon/gremlion (sorry about the spelling) type guy starring at me. I kept thinking he knows everything I thought and he gave me this goofy scary look, I knew deap in my mind it was fake which is the only reason I was able to look away and continue having a good trip. But every time I looked up there that night, he would still be looking at me. It was like he wsa in this other world out of my bubble just starring in on me.

Thats one thing about tripping is you have to have a good sense of mind and be able to not freak out when your tripping so hard. Once you develop that strong mind after a few trips it is easier not to freak out the next times ahead.

The only thing I can say to explain the over all feeling is this....... The whole time I trip all I can say is "man I'm tripping" because the feeling is so unusual and great. I get these uncontrolable sensations that filled my body full of happiness. These happy spurts were so intense that I made sounds of glee and had to stand up or hug simeone because I had so much happiness going thru me.

Pointers--Trip with people that are also tripping.
----Don't have commitments the next day cause you'll be up late or all night adn the next day you may feel a little dumb or wierd.
----Don't od your first time, you'll never want to do it again.
-----Don't be by yourself or let your friends sit alone b/c you start thinkning your alone in the world and your really just sitting there by yourself...you'll understand if you trip. or you may trip so hard you don't even notice your by yourself.
-----take time to explore
---don't express everything you think...cause if your with the opposite sex you tend to have more emotioanl feelings discoverd towards them that you never thought b-4 tripping, then teh next day its back to the same

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