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First shroom trip

5 Grams

       This report is about my first time trying magic mushrooms. I have been doing research and trying to get my hands on them for a couple weeks now. Finally, my friend said he was able to get me some. I waited all day Tuesday, October 7th 2014. After, all day of waiting my friend finally came through with the shrooms around 8pm.

I was pretty confident that I was ready for my first ever trip. But, boy I was mistaken. My girlfriend ( we will call her A ) and I were doing this for the first time and everything I read said to eat chocolate to mask the taste but we decided to just eat them straight up with some orange juice and skittle (great idea). “A” ate 2 grams and I had 5.  Now, the shrooms themselves didn’t taste as bad as everyone said they would. The worst part was the texture; it was like chewing on cardboard.

After consuming them we just waited around for them to kick, which felt like forever but was really only about a half hour before I started to feel the body high. Then I began to notice a pattern in the rug that I just stared blankly at for a little while. When I finally looked away I noticed “A” wasn’t next to me anymore. So, I walked down the hallway and she was in our room just lying on the bed. I asked if she felt anything yet to which she replied “no”.  For that reason I decide to go back in to the living to look at the rug again.

Once back in the living room I started to notice the walls breathing and patterns everywhere that I’ve never noticed before. I closed my eyes and turned my head to the side and it felt like it just kept spinning fully around. Further more I decided it was time to listen to music so I put on some house music and laid on the floor and closed my eyes. At this point the music sounded amazing and the patterns when my eyes were closed were moving to the beats of the songs.

After a few moments I saw a snake that began to talk to me about following him (which I assumed it meant to take me deeper in to my trip). But, I wasn’t prepared for where he wanted to take me. For that reason I open my eyes and everything was bright and nicer than having my eyes closed but the music didn’t sound good at all. I changed it to country music which took some trying because I couldn’t focus on my phone fully. After this I laid down on the floor again. This is when “A” finally joined me in the living room and sat on the floor with me. So, I closed my eyes again and listened to the music and watch the patterns in my head. But, the music didn’t sound like country anymore it sounded like some menacing dark electric music but it didn’t sound bad plus the patterns were keeping me entertained the whole time.

 At this point my trip took a different turn and for some reason I got scared and open my eyes which again felt better because of the light and “A” being there. My brain decided to think about just bad things which didn’t help at all, so I had “A” rub my stomach which helped because she just seemed like the only good thing I could think of.

She suggested that we get up and go sit at the kitchen table which helped until she got up to go throw up. I stared at the dark marble design in the table as it turned in skulls. Then I heard her throw up and decided to check on her. When I got up I felt that anything dark was evil so I decided to turn every light in my house on. This helped get rid of the evil feeling as I walked back to the kitchen there was a pumpkin carving kit which looked scary to me so I grabbed it and threw it in the trash. That’s when “A” came back and said she felt much better after she threw up.

 So, I decided to go to the bathroom and try to throw up but, I couldn’t unfortunately. When I walked past the bathroom mirror and looked it to for just a second and turned away to leave, but out the corner of my eye as I turned my reflection was still looking straight at me. This scared me, for the rest of the night I didn’t dare look in the mirror. After this I walked back to the kitchen and just sat at the table with “A’’.

I remember reading a trip report where this guy wrote that he was ok on his hand which helped him get out of his bad trip. Before I took shrooms I spelt it out with letter fridge magnets. Everything got better when I saw that. “A” and I just sat there talking and laughing about absolutely nothing and listening to music, we did this for what felt like hours.

Finally, I felt like the trip was coming to an end because I started to notice things that seemed real and I was able to focus again. That’s when “A” and I went to our room to lay down. This is when I got stuck in an infinite loop which was scary because I felt like I was going insane. The loop consisted of us going in our room then I would get up to shut the lights off in the house and go to the bathroom. After using the bathroom I would look in the mirror and my pupils were huge and couldn’t see the brown in my eyes, I knew I was still tripping. I went back to the room and I did this about 6 times and I knew I was doing it because I was having déjà vu. Plus “A” kept saying everything I was going to say before I said it. I was scared because I thought that I was going to be stuck in this moment forever. Finally I was able to just lie in bed and relax and I just fell asleep. When I woke up I realized the trip was over and I wasn’t stuck anymore, which was a huge relief.

In conclusion, all of the research I did didn’t prepare me for some of the things in my trip. 5 grams was a powerful dose, but I felt as if I handled it better than some of the other reports I read. I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted in this trip .But, overall the trip as a whole was good for a first trip and there is always next time.  

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