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SWIM's first ever trip (Hawaiian baby wood rose seeds)

A medium sized report.

OK so SWIM ordered these Hawaiian baby wood-rose seeds of eBay (not 100% sure what strain) , and decided to wait for the right time to take them which ended up not to be ...                               So SWIM was watching the football on his computer when he suddenly remembered that he had the seeds just sitting in his draw. SWIM was thinking should he take them or should he not. after a short while SWIM thought why not and started thinking about the best way of ingesting them without getting terrible nausea. After about 20 mins of "hard" research , SWIM  thought the best way would be to get the fuzzy crap of the seeds (8 Seeds) then put them in the blender with a few other ingredients like milk , ice cream and bananas and make a nice little milk shake. SWIM then went down stairs and started to put all the ingredients into the blender. After about 5 mins the milkshake was ready for SWIM  to drink. At first SWIM described it as being a pretty decent tasting milk shake. Although, after SWIM had finished it he then realised it probably wasn't the best way to take them. At first SWIM didn't feel anything but after about 10 mins this terrible nausea kicked in and left SWIM bed bound for the rest of the day. I'm not sure why but lying down seemed to get rid of the nausea but as soon as SWIM  stood up he felt sick again. Anyway, SWIM was laying in bed for a good 1 hour before he felt the "good" effects start to occur. SWIM described a feeling of being a little drunk and occasional head jumps for a split second. SWIM also described being a bit confused as well. Later on about 2 hours after taking the seeds SWIM went down stairs to watch some TV and said there were a few OEV's like swirling patterns and described peoples eyes staring into his soul whilst they were glowing. SWIM then decided to give in to the nausea and make himself throw up which didn't work (it just wouldn't come out). So rather than throwing up SWIM  made a mint tea which seemed to get rid of the nausea for a little while. Now here comes the weird part. SWIM was reading another trip report where someone took these seeds and tried eating their phone. Well guess what SWIM was so deep into this trip , he started trying to eat his iPhone 4s which SWIM Took a good nibble at. (I will put a pic up later if anyone wants to see).

He also said everything felt so amazing and how he couldn't stop touching things and stroking his hair. Anyway SWIM decided it was time to go to bed so he walked up the stairs and laid down staring at the walls for hours. SWIM Describes the walls as being closer to him and said every edge would glow with amazing rainbow colours. Not only this , SWIM said his hand would leave a sort of trail when he moved it around. Suddenly SWIM had the urge to pee and ran to the toilet. When he  was finished peeing SWIM  says he teleported back into his room and cant remember walking back there. SWIM then finally tried closing his eyes and sleeping where he saw some CEV's. One was a house with a glowing mushroom that kept flickering. Finally , SWIM got to sleep and woke up the next day feeling a slight stomach ache but described the nausea as gone.

Thanks for reading! (Sorry if it wasn't a great read my first time doing this)

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