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Nothing was real, except for the blood.

One of the best and worst trips I've ever had.

So let me just say that I consider myself a very experienced tripper. LSD, Mushrooms, 25-b,c,d,i, 4-ho-met, methallylescaline, PCP, MXE, the list goes on and on.

For about a month straight I had been tripping on a substance that my supplier had listed as 2-cc-fly. I extracted the chemical with everclear and set it on blotter sheets.

The 2-cc-fly trip is somewhere in between a high dose of psilocybin and about a milligram of 25-c-nbome.

I was admitted to a psych ward for an opiate overdose. While I was there they put me on an anti seizure medication. I don't remember the name of it. About three days before leaving I quit taking it. I think this is why my final trip on the drug was so... interesting.

The day I got out, I decided to trip on 2-cc-fly one last time with my friends Kl, Kn, B, and T (who was the trip sitter). I took 2 hits (the usual), Kl took 1, Kn took 2, and B took 1.

The come up was very typical; a rolley sensation with typical tracers, color distortions, and minor kaleidoscopic effects. about 45 minutes in we decide to smoke a bowl. Each of us only took 1 hit which set me and Kn to our peak. Kn looked at me weird and suddenly had the urge to use the restroom.

Kl (who hadn't yet reached her peak) decided to turn off the lights and do a glow stick dance for me. About 5 minutes into the dance I told her to stop because it was simply too much to handle.

When she turned the lights back on I immediately knew that something was very different. Different in a bad way. Everything looked like it was strobing and shifting left and right at the same rate as the stobing. The walls looked like they were made of paper and kept crumpling up and returning to their original form. I was also shaking as If I had taken way too much adderal. For some reason I was also incapable of telling anyone... anything.

Eventually Kl, B, and T left me alone in the room to go smoke a cigarette, Kn was still in the bathroom, and I was stuck on the floor leaning against the wall. This is when shit got bad.

Let me tell you a short story about my old friend D who snorted way too much of this substance, seized out, and still to this day is 100% mentally disabled. He can't do anything, and I mean ANYTHING without assistance from someone. Right before he started seizing he started talking about how nothing looked real. Then he started screaming things like "WHAT IS THIS? WHO ARE YOU?", which is what sent him into the seizure.

Anyway, I started falling deeper and deeper into the trip. There were these holes in the walls that kept sucking me in. What was inside the holes was absolute unholiness. I still have memories of the beautiful yet terrifying strings of infinity that were inside of them. It looked somewhat like ancient Aztec art. Eventually I began questioning if the reality outside of the holes was real, and It was absolutely horrifying knowing the possibility of everything that I had ever known and been in my entire life might have been fake. The only thing that kept me from falling all the way in was knowing about D and his final words. For about 30 minutes or so it took every last bit of my mental strength to claw my way out of the holes and accept that the real reality was in fact real. I was very scared. Somehow I knew that I would end up just like D if I allowed myself to fall all the way in.

Finally I came out of that phase of the trip and started to enjoy it. What pulled me out of it was T walking in the room and telling me that Kn thought that he was shitting blood. I believe that laughter can help anyone with just about anything, including a bad trip.

Fast forward about 2 hours and we are all in the living room enjoying ourselves. That is until B points out that there's a shit ton of blood all over the floor, which freaked all of us the hell out! We seached the entire house for people and checked ourselves and the cats thoroughly for injury. However, we found nothing. For about 30 minutes we were all terrified. Kn was even crouched in the corner of the room with a fucking sword! Funny now when I think about it, but funny was the last thing going through our minds at that time.

Eventually B notices that my foot has a lot of blood on it. I turn my foot over again only to find out that I have a giant fish fillet slash on the bottom of it near my pinky toe. I swear that it was not there when I first checked it. And still to this day, Nobody knows what had cut my foot.

Once I was bandaged up and ready to go, we all laughed it off and enjoyed the rest of the trip with some good old fashioned buddah.

The come down was very gentle but had me feeling aftereffects for about 2 days. I definitely learned not to mix anti seizure medication with research chemicals!

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