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DABDA and Shrooms

A study on the Grieving Process and Psiloscyben

I lost my uncle a month ago, and when I heard the news, i decided I needed to trip to get through the emotional blockage that I was feeling. I can't recommend anything on this site, but I can say that for me, as far as pushing the grieving process along, shrooms might have been the best thing I could have done. I had 2 friends over. We took about 8 or 9 grams, brewed them into tea, and shared it. The trip hit me in about 30 minutes, and boy did it hit me at a bad time, in the middle of me building a fire. Burnt myself a few times, but was able to craft a decent blaze. We all sat around it and talked and laughed, and I made friends with the fire, then scolded it for wanting newspaper when it hadn't even finished its sticks. Bad fire, no biscuit. After that, we went inside, and sat around and talked about death, life, etc. I tried my hand at writing poetry, but only got through about a stanza before I realized I could barely hold the pen. It helped though, and I got a couple good cries in, called my mom and dad, who are both old hippies, so they understood. Then we all kind of peaked at once, and melted into a couch while we were all cuddling. I couldn't really feel my limbs, and time was warped as hell. I must have asked "What time is it?" about 10 times in 10 minutes. Finally, we all went upstairs, talked more and listened to music, and fell asleep. All in all, it definitely helped me deal with the death of my uncle, and it was a great experience in general.

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