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Night at the Bonfire

Ancient wisdom


substance:chowed around 2 g of potent Texan's in yogurt

Report: Earlier that day we decided that we were going to make a bonfire, cook some food and eat some mushies... Sounded like a great idea so ,lets call them Stu, T, and I  (My other mate Sean was on meds so didn't eat any) ate them in yogurt, it was T's first time so he ate a gram, while me and stu ate around 2 cause we had tested the potency with a few caps and stems the night before. Let me emphasize, these close-cap Texans were of incredible potency, i had body-load and visual distortion from 0.4 grams!

So when we were done eating our shroomies, we headed outside to light the bonfire and smoke some bongs. Very soon after the first bong i realized it was already kicking in after only 20 mins, I have a fast metabolism that processes these shrooms at a fast rate, aswell as having an empty stomach, so it came on fast. Stu and T weren't feeling it yet, they were just really stoned. As usual the come up was accompanied by some nausea and anxiety but this only lasted about 10 mins, the effects were coming in slow but steady waves, like an incoming tide rising and falling but its force was felt throughout my body. Everytime i take shrooms i remind myself to treat the mushroom with great respect, as if it is a spirit being that can teach me a great deal about myself, others and the world around me. The experience always fills me with a raw intelligence and perspective that is hard to tap into in a normal state. So after what was probably an hour it was in full swing for me, stu and T were starting to definitely feel it. I started to see letters forming in the fire and if i stared into it for long, branches and coals would pulsate and form words that make no sense, they were words but i couldn't read them. Around this point i got intense laughter about anything remotely funny, watching T tripping was funny as balls, doing all these shapes with his hands,making funny noises and shit. I felt amazing in my stomach, probably the most euphoria i've ever had from shrooms. The tunes Sean was playing were dope, like i couldn't stop jamming to them.. One song in particular was Spaceship (billy kenny remix) , He put the phone by his mouth and created an echo, the effect sounded fucking awesome, i danced and jammed to that song like the band was inside me. Then we got up and started walking around a bit, I felt all loosey goosey and just walked around the garden checking out all the sights, every thing in the garden seemed to have its own significance. The whole scene had an amazing ascetic feel to it, The moon and stars and vastness of space was indescribably magnificent. I mentioned to Sean that the whole garden felt like a jungle, there were plants of all shapes every where, a thunder storm looming, and there was this parrot squawking in the tree. The smoke from the fire drifted up into the trees and was caught by a light next door, the light shone through the smoke and leaves in my direction, the whole scene was so intensely satisfying, i really felt like i was in some ancient, jungle civilization thousands of years ago. There was this wisdom flowing inside me, T and I were talking about how it feels like you are looking through someone else's eyes. The world around you is no different but there is a immense appreciation for every detail, every feels alive and has significance. We saw ourselves in a objective point of view. T said 'What if you could write a book that has so much detail about being high, that is made the reader high?' That was a mindfuck to us at the time. The visuals were bloody good for the amount i ate. My vision was kaleidoscopic at points and colours were enhanced. Everything had a flowing feel to it. We headed inside after what was probably 3 hours after eating them, we were all peaking at this point and going into the room almost made us feel like we were tripping more, because this usually familiar environment looked very much different. When we were coming down and T was already asleep it started to rain and the thunder struck. Stu said to me that the sound of rain brought back so many childhood memories, I went to the window and sniffed the air, it smelt all earthy like after the rain. It was as if i could smell the memories from the many times throughout my life where i had smelt it before. It had an indescribable richness of variety. 

I don't think i've ever laughed,danced and experienced so much awe within the space of a few hours in my life. Set and setting really does make the trip though, i think a bonfire with friends is a great setting and holiday vibes make it even better. 

All in all it was one of my best ever experiences with the mushroom.

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