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Magic Mushrooms Zamnesia
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so i was 18 at the time ,  it  was the day before mothers day so may 9th me and my homie were both just being potheads at my pad smoking till we stumbled over some blotter my boy got from seattle . we both worked together at the time so after we got off we had to find a whip to get these tabs you know these dont really ever come around in my area or is it common to have real lsd but some how i found some and its fire , so i got my grandma to lend me her car which was perfect because it happened to have indicud which is kid cudis trippiest albulm because hes like trying to be some mad instrumentalist and what not but ill get back to it later , So we hit my home boys pad he lives a couple miles away and hes got a nice sizee patio so we just rolled up real quick a chopped with him he said these tabs aint no joke and we ended up getting 2 more for free so we had 8. split it with the homie we put them in our mouth and continued to smoke at his pad for about 30min then we ended up leaving to meet with some other homies to smoke . so we met them at this golf course where one of them worked and he open these gates which looked like they lead to nothing and it did because it was just where they stored all the golfcarts , but it was a cool place to chill and smoke a bleezy, these two guys did not know we were on acid so we all just kicked it like nothing it was funny they had no clue . so i started to roll up and right then the acid hit and everything got vibrant in this room quick every little motion my homies made with there hand or body gestures were just floating near them and there auras were noticable to me but i was more focused on getting this blunt rolled because its so difficult to do because your mind will not let u focus on it , it took me 20 mins to roll i usually roll in 3 so we started smoking and the dude that got us in to this underground spot where they store carts  basically really reminded me of a boiler room but anyeaays we all heard this noise and this dudes boss comes in me and my homie werent trippin but were startled by this because we werent excpecting someone 1030 at night to just creep though like that but he was friendly he was 22 maybe but he just came to see whats up he did acid before and we told him we were on it just said had a nice trip and he was gone , he was kind of like a comforting messanger the universe brought there just to tell us its all good u know. so he left and we smoked another blunt and this like 20 mins after the blunt that we really started to trip like right when this dude left my brain could not stand being in that stupid dungeon anymore, i dont think smoking in a box on acid is what i wanted.
i was so eager to just look in the skies when we got out and i started to walk around and the clouds were morphing together make very beautiful greek designs and they all kept in moving in a circular motion which was really sick to look at . and this whole time my homie and my 2 other homies and just sitting chating with eachother and i really felt bad because i was having a life altering experience and they were just high , they were looking at me probably wondering what i was looking at that was making me smile but it was just the simplicity of this world giving me peace between my ears. so i deciided to go talk with them and they were just talking about the past , its cool to reminisce and all that but i was so in the moment of just being present and being the now that i got over that conversation and started blabbering some acid talk that pretty much made them leave which was chill because i was trying to explore  ,so we get in the car and im like having deja vu or someting like the dude i was with i kept telling him i know him and i know why im here and it was really an unexplainable moment . at this point were on our way to this hill we call it chapos but on the way i realized i lost track of time and space like not only did i not know or cared what the time i was i  freakin forgot where i was in terms of the universe like i knew where i was but why i was there and how i got here made me feel lost even more but somehow this car knew how to get there and i put on the indicud cd and we got there without even honestly paying attention lthe acid got us there.  so my homie and i went to the top of this hill that was sacred in a way and we caved in a spot on the side a while bak because we chill up there alot and smoke , so we thought that was the best place to go be at peace and smoke  and theres chairs we can sit in and this was about 2hr30 in and i felt like we started to hit higher peaks of this acid and i started to get really philosophical in a way i never had i felt this took me back the the age of greeks and i was a thinker stumped in my thoughts but what really was happening was i was learning things about the universe and about myself i didnt yet know and it was fascinating i felt i was just looking in  to myself and trying to observe my character. i learned for things to attract they have to be opposite, i kept seeing a yingyang when id look up and ireally felt the positive and negative energy pulling on out planet , i realized this whole time i was doing acid with my homie and were exact opposite you know im tall he short i got long hair he got short you know it gets more detailed but then and there i realized it doesnt matter how someone looks or what they think just accept and embrace whoever they are for who they are , we were peaking at this point because ifelt my ego dissolve and we kept saying were dirt  because we felt like how the earths been treated all these years and the fact we were seeing who we really . it changed my life becasue the some down was plesent and we woke up and it was mothers day so i loved my mom even more and i stopped being so stubborn and cynical 

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