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Worst trip ever

pretty fucked

Alright, So I purchased an eighth of some blue/grey mushrooms (I was told the name but forgot), and this was going to be my second time tripping. My first time had been about 3 months prior and I had done 2.5 grams and was able to skateboard and saw some pretty amazing visuals and lots of streaks of colors. So I went over to my friends house and ate the whole eighth pretty quickly. I had already smoked some weed and was feeling pretty good, so me and my friend started watching workaholics. Then the shrooms started to kick in, at first I could hardly move, I was rolling around on the ground laughing my ass off and analyzing my relationship with my friend. I was only there to make him happy, which made me happy, so I wanted to do whatever I could do to make him happy. He asked me if I wanted to go smoke a joint with him, which he had been rolling, but at this point I had no perception of time and had assumed he had already smoked it, when in reality it had been ten seconds since he asked me if I wanted to smoke it with him. I couldn't get it together enough to go outside and smoke it with him, so he left me inside, and that's when shit got weird. He had a tiny little dog with pure black eyes, and everytime his dog stared at my I got freaked out and told him to stop staring into my soul. Then I looked up at workaholics and everything was crazy, all of the characters faces were pixelated and i kept on moving my head in a pattern of up, down, left, then right continuosly. Then my friend told me he was going to crash, and I wanted to make him happy so I wanted to go to sleep too, but I kept on getting out of bed and rambling to him that time was irrelevant and that I needed pen and paper to write some stuff down. He finally just went to bed and I was in my room and thats when things went south. I thought I might go crazy because I realized time was an illusion and I thought that id never be able to live life normally again, and that I'd be permanently insane, but I managed to calm myself down and came to the realization that we are all god, which too made me god. This made me question why I was god, and then I thought about the idea that the universe is just a infinte number of thinkers reaching a finite number of thoughts. So at this point I thought if this was true we were about to discover how to live in total harmony with every one, and that it was my job to make sure this happened. Then I thought I needed to help people right away, so I got out of bed and went outside. At this point it was around 5 in the morning. I also thought about om and how it was the frequency of the universe, and I started trying to vibrate at the frequecny and I had a total loss of self. I felt suspended in blackness, and was convinced I was invincible, as long as I vibrated at the frequency of om. I started doing these weird ass kung fu hand movements while running down my friends street screaming "I AM GOD". I thought everything was essentialllly connected to these things; sharp, soft, smooth, ten, one hundred, and infinity, and how we interacted with those things as children formed us into who we are today. This led to me thinking I was connected with everybody, and I looked up at the stars, and the big dipper got extremely bright and I thought my thoughts were being shared with everyone as if the stars were a social network sharing my thoughts to whom ever could see him. Also forget to mention that I was basically sprinting, and am currently in the early stages of recovery of a triple meniscus tear. So now that I thought everyone could hear my thoughts, I thought everyone knew I was trying to harmonize the world, and that by screaming I would recieve the help I needed from the police, and that I would be rewarded. My friend finally heard my screaming and told me people were going to call the police, and I responded by saying I wanted to the police to come. Luckily his sister's boyfriend picked me up in his car and brought me back inside of the house, then I escaped again, and my parents had to be called because my frined couldnt keep me in the house. When my parents found me i was bashing on someones door trying to get them to call the police, because I was convinced I was going to be rewarded, and thought someone was going to lend me their black ferrari so I could drive over to this girl's house, who had emotionally hurt me, and fuck her. At some point I got naked and my parents managed to drag me into the car and get me home. This is when it got the worst. I still was convinced I needed pen and paper at my house, and when I couldn't find it I threw my very expensive camera at the wall breaking the viewfinder. I started phsyically fighting my dad, and he was trying to get me to shower to calm down, but he ended u having to sit on my naked body until the police came and handcuffed me, while an emt gave me a sedative shot. While this was happening I thought that this was the conclusion of the movie that I was in, and that the arrival of the police was their recognition of the good work I had done in trying to unite the people of the world. Also when my dad was sitting on top of me I couldnt stop thinking about criminal minds and I thought he was a sadistic rapist and was trying to kidnap me/ rape me. SInce I thought I was at the conclusion of the movie, I thought all I had to do was take a shower, write some weird ass letter, then go to bed, but instead I got sent to the hospital. I woke up there not remembering anything at all, and when I got home there were 2 holes in my wall and blood was all over my car keys and the walls. When I was at the hospital the police were trying to figure out where the shrooms had come from because they said a bunch of laced shrooms were going around, which brings me to the question, do you think the shrooms were laced? I specifically remember feeling stuck in a time loop and my sister said I wouldnt stop repeating the same things over and over. I am never a violent person and the next day my right hand was completely bruised and swollen from fighting my dad and punching the wall. Any help on figuring out on why this happned to me is greatly appreciated. Also sorry for any typos

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