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1st time with shrooms

2.4g Hawaiian gold caps

This was my first time doing shrooms. I had picked them up the day that I did them and had expected quite a lot, but it was still fun.

The comeup
I had taken a small cap,(at about 3:00 PM) idk exact weight but probably less than a gram, i chewed it up to mush, I didn't really care much for the taste but I was excited either way. After I ate that I washed it down with a few gulps of apple juice that being the only thing I'd eaten/drunk all day. I went into my room and started playing some World of Warcraft waiting for them to kick in, listening to music really loud making sure that I was as positive as I could be. I started to feel it about an hour later and it wasn't anything spectacular, sort of like a clear headed stone, so then I decided to eat another shroom this one probably about 1.5g again chewing it to mush. I kept getting higher and higher until I hit my peak.

The peak
My vision was pretty normal, and I felt really tired, I could've fallen asleep right then if I had wanted to. I started walking around my house seeing new things, and laughing at things that I was thinking about (can't really remember much sorry) I went to my bathroom and stared at myself, I know people say that can be bad, but it was so funny, especially seeing my pupils taking up my whole iris. I thought that my pupils were confused since they would shrink and grow bigger really quick which made me laugh a lot. I stared at myself in the mirror for about 10 minutes or so probably i don't really know time frame.

After the bathroom I went down to my room and laid on my bed it was mostly dark besides some light coming through the closed window blinds, my ceiling is somewhat textured so I started seeing things move/breathe a tiny bit which was also funny, and I looked at my door and it was vibrating and moving left to right which made me almost lose it with laughter. I closed my eyes and saw some very faint visuals, nothing I could really make out. At one point when I was closing my eyes, there felt sort of like a pressure building up in my body, and then there was a point where it sort of popped and it was like someone trying to scare me which made me turn on my lamp on my nightstand next to me. Which a couple seconds afterwards I started laughing about it. Then I was staring at the ceiling in the dark and then I saw like light curve and open up like a rift or something, which was very brief, I don't know if I saw it with my eyes or my mind still trying to work it out. 

After being down in my room for some amount of time I went outside and sat on my porch and watched some deer while I was open-mouthed. They looked really cool (despite being totally unhealthy and their pelt being very gross) Then after they left I went over and bounced on my tramp and I felt like I was going super duper high, like 2x as high as normal. 

At that point the peak started dying down and I decided to go and play a game on the comedown and think about what had transpired.

If you made it all the way through thanks for reading it :) 

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