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25i-NBOMe + Vyvanse + MDMA


Okay first of all let me tell you about myself just to make the report more understandable. I am 18 years old, senior in high school, and have a drug history including Marijuana (weed, dabs, edibles, and hash), LSD, Mushrooms, 25b-NBOMe, 25i-NBOMe, Vyvanse, Adderall, Ritalin, Ambien, and Lortab. I think that is all but I'm not entirely sure. I feel like I've done a few other things. Also, I work at McDonald's. I know, it's nothing to be proud of but there isn't a lot to work at in the relatively small town I work at. Plus, a majority of my extended family are unemployed so I'm incredibly happy to even have a job. 

So we start this journey at 11:30 AM on a Friday. It is lunch break at school and me and two friends, B and N head over to my house to smoke a few bowls. 

Me and B had just tried MDMA for the first time the night before. This isn't really part of this trip, but I thought I'd add that I love MDMA more than I've ever loved anything ever in my life. Just saying.

So, we're smoking our second bowl and I remember that I purchased one 1000ug blotter of 25i. I ordered it off of a darknet market. (Second purchase from the Darknet, first being the MDMA)

As we smoke, I contemplate taking the 25i. I hadn't done 25i before and the thought of doing it at school seemed like a terrible idea, but it also sounded like it might be a really enlightening experience being able to observe all my fellow classmates with a new perspective. I discuss it with B and N. B thinks I should totally take it. Gotta love peer pressure, right? N thinks it might be a dumb idea, but he is confident I can handle it. 

It ends up being 11:50am when I take the 25i blotter. I hold it under my tongue, we drive back to school and I go to my English class. About a half hour later or so I start to really feel it. My headspace is different and I start to notice subtle visuals. I am really enjoying myself. I feel a slight euphoria. Not really to noteworthy, but it was giving me a good mood, which made me realize that this was going to be a "good" trip, which in turn made my mood even slightly better. 

I am unsure of any timeframes here because I wasn't paying attention to it. 

I eventually start experiencing noticeable visuals. The wood grain on my desk was moving a lot and I loved it. The carpet seemed like an entirely different world inside itself. It was just so different than the rest of the classroom. I just felt like the carpet was some sort of imported material. I can't really explain how weird the carpet was during the trip. I was also seeing the words on a handout the teacher gave me. They were moving and wiggling. It made me happy. The person sitting in front of me was wearing a white shirt with blue stripes. Anyone who has ever experienced any visuals while tripping and looked at stripes know how crazy they are. I also felt like I could see every individual thread on his shirt, but I didn't like that for some reason. It was weird seeing so much depth in a simple shirt. I am super glad I chose english to trip in. The words that were written on the whiteboard were moving. There were so many words, because it was an english class, and my teacher has a bunch of different colors that she drew on the board with. It was really fun to look at. 

My english teacher is weird. I feel like she is the kind of person who would take psychedelics. She just seems trippy even when I am sober. She is also very expressive when she speaks. Lots of movement, and lots of voice fluctuation to add emphasis to whatever she was saying. I loved that. Listening to her and watching her lecture and walk around and move was really cool. It created a weird sort of feeling. It was a respect kind of feeling. I just felt like me and her were "on the same page" so-to-speak, even though she probably wasn't on any drugs lol.

I also felt a sort of confinement. I was sitting in my desk, but I felt kind of separated from everyone else. This wasn't a bad feeling, I just felt like I was in a different room or something. I was curious about this feeling so I decided to get up. It felt like I was entering a different place when I got up. I was satisfied with that. I then approached my teacher, asked if I could go to the bathroom. She said I could if I got out my school-issued agenda/planner and she signed a pass on the passbook part. I agreed and went and got it. I figured that would be more hard for me, but for some reason I remembered where it was and I understood how to use it. I was very happy with myself for accomplishing that. 

I left the room and again felt like I was in a different place. I was happy about it. I went to the bathroom but didn't stay longer than I had to. I then took a quick detour to the water fountain. I drank some water, which was nice. I looked around to see if anyone was there. I felt like the hallways were insanely long. It was cool. 

I went back to class. 

We had to get into groups for some project thing or whatever. I told my partner that I was tripping. He laughed and continued working on the project. I tried to help but I just didn't want to do it. I wanted to let my mind wander. I looked around at my fellow students. I imagined tripping at school would provide a new perspective on all these people, but I could only focus on one person. A girl, who we will call S. She was mad at me because I decided to go do MDMA the night before even though we were supposed to hang out. I understand her anger, but I really wanted to try MDMA. I can't tell you how much I wanted to. I don't regret anything. S was very mad though, to the point that she refused to even talk to me. I was thinking about that a lot. It made me laugh. I just thought back to every other time this girl has been mad. She gets over stuff really fast if you buy her stuff. I laughed about that and decided I would buy her a coffee the following monday to make up for me bailing on her. I kept staring at her though. I can normally refrain from staring at her, even though she is insanely beautiful. However, this time around I could only think about her for what seemed like a long time. I realized later that it was only a few mins. 

We then had to present a project that we had written a few days before. It was present by volunteer so I wasn't worried about anything, I just wouldn't volunteer. When people were reading their papers, I could only focus on how fake they were. The object of the paper was to create a craigslist ad selling something. We had to use Egos, Logos, and Pathos in our paper. We based this project off of a craigslist ad my teacher found. The original ad was written like an infomercial. It just seemed scripted, but was entertaining to read. (I read it a few days earlier, not while tripping)

When people were reading, I began to really, really notice that people have a completely alternate personality when they are reading, relative to when they talk and have a conversation. This intrigued me. I was amazed at how fake their reading voice sounded. It was like they were a completely different person. I wasn't upset about it by any means, it was just the first time I had thought about this.

I texted my friend B after this. My phone made me happy. The haptic feedback was fun and my wallpaper seemed like a live feed of another world. The trees and grass in the image were waving as if there was a light wind. I loved it. 
I told B that I was tripping pretty hard and that it was a good idea. Me and him talked for a few short texts. Nothing big.

The bell rang, indicating that it was time to go to our last class for the day. After the bell rang I was astounded that I wasn't scared. I figured a sudden bell would have made me at least jump a bit, but I was okay.

I left the room and walked through the crowded hallway. I felt weird. Overwhelmed by these people, but not to the point that I couldn't handle it. I just kept thinking how fake they all seemed. I just felt like they were all actors, acting in my life. It was weird. I felt that about everyone that I wasn't personally decent friends with. 

I got into my final class. It was a class where I took a class online in the library. I didn't feel like doing anything so I just sat at a large table in the library. My visuals were basically gone at this point. I was mad and wanted them back but it was okay. 

It was 2:30pm at this point. I remember because i felt like the 25i was going away even though its supposed to last a lot longer. I then realized that I was still in a very different headspace so i wasn't so mad about it anymore.

At 2:30, a friend of mine said that he had some vyvanse that I could buy. For those who don't know, vyvanse is similar to adderall. I took 50mg of it. The main reason that I took it was that I had to go to work later and vyvanse really makes going to a Job way better. They are extremely extended release so it wasn't going to kick in for like an hour. I sat back down and listened to some music on my phone. I was listening to the Chill Trap profile on soundcloud. Chill Trap was the mood I was in and It was very nice to listen to. I felt like it matched my vibe so perfectly. I was very satisfied with it.

At this point a friend of mine, C, came and sat next to me. She has excepted that drug use is a thing and even though she doesnt do any sort of drugs, she didn't cause me any sort of worry. She kind hung out and I felt like she was being really close to me. I enjoyed this. I then gave a different friend 1 dollar to go buy me an Arizona Watermelon from the store down the road. 

Meanwhile, C and I were talking. I was being weird. I just wasn't talking like I normally would. She noticed. She looked in my eyes and I'm sure noticed my heavily dilated eyes. She continued to chill, which was nice. I kept being spacy and kind of inattentive to her. We weren't really talking much. She kinda just sat there with me, which I really, really enjoyed. It made me feel "safe" in a way, even though I never felt unsafe in the first place. 

My bro brought back my arizona. I started to drink it and it was amazing. C asked if she could have some. I let her. 

A different person came in. Her and C started watching "the fault in our stars" on a laptop. I sat next to them watching the movie, still listening to music with one of my earbuds. I could transfer from the world that the music put me in, to reality, to the world in the movie very easily. That was fun. I laughed at the movie. C and her friend gave me a look. They suspected that I was high. I was okay with that. I didn't care if they knew, but they didn't know I was on 25i. They thought maybe I had smoked weed, which I did. 

The class ended.

I met up with B and a different friend, S.

I discussed how I felt with them. It was cool to tell someone.

We then all three went to my house. We smoked some more weed. It was 3:30 at this time.

B and I reminisced about the night before and how amazing the MDMA was. We kept talking about it and then suddenly I had a thought. It hit my mind HAAARDDDDDD.

I immediately stopped the conversation. I was like "yo, what if I popped a molly right now."

We argued about it for a while. I let it go. We smoked some more. When on vyvanse, which had kicked in now, smoking weed makes me feel good, but doesn't give me a "dumbness" that being high normally does.

We were then hanging out in my room listening to music. The 25i was still there but it felt very light at this point. It wasn't really intense at all. I was in a semi-normal headspace at that point. I think the vyvanse did that.

It was almost 4:30. I had to go to work at 5 and still take B and S back to the school, so I threw on my uniform and we were about to leave. I remembered again that I had MDMA left. 

I brought it up again. I was like "yoooooo! What if I popped some molly!"

B was high so he agreed that I should. S was also high, in fact very, very stoned because he doesn't smoke much. He got scared and said No like a ton of times. He just kept repeating the word. It made me and B laugh. We then came to the conclusion that I should pop a molly, so I did. I took 100mg of MDMA. We then left. I took them to the school and began my 7 mile drive to work. While driving there I smoked a cigarette, which feels amazing on Vyvanse.

To be completely honest, I had totally forgotten that I took the MDMA. It just wasn't on my mind. The music I was listening to in my car was all that was on my mind. I got to work, parked my car and took a deep breath. 

I took my last puff of the cigarette and tossed it. I don't smoke cigarettes often. Like once every few days I'll take a few drags, so when I smoke a full cigarette, it makes me really light headed and almost inebriated. I got out of my car and started walking. Walking was hard, but I gained control within a few seconds. At that point I felt very weird. I felt almost in pain. I was experiencing strong anxiety, and my head hurt really bad. My heart rate was also very high.

I remembered that I took MDMA. I also remembered that vyvanse is ALSO an amphetamine. I ingested two amphetamines. It scared me. I felt like I had made a really bad decision coming to work like this. I walked into work and clocked in. I then went and drank some water. This actually made me feel worse, but I felt considerably better once I drank it all. 

I didn't want anyone to be suspicious, so I went to work and did my job. Thank god for vyvanse. Without it there is no way I couldn't have preformed at my job. I was still in a small panic and pain. My vision felt like it was a little blurry. I was also shaking really hard. It was crazy. At about 5:15 I felt entirely better. I went back into the employee area and looked in a small mirror. My eyes were dilated so hard. There was no sign of eye color. It was just black. It was cool. I remembered again that I had taken molly. This made me happy and realized that I was actively experiencing it. I no longer felt any fear or anxiety. I went back to work, not sure how the night was going to go. Thanks to the vyvanse I did really well at my job, and thanks to the molly I felt amazing. I kept talking to my co-workers and working like nothing was going on. I then realized people were giving me weird looks. I left my position to go back to the employee area. I looked in the mirror again. My eyes were still amazingly dilated. I loved it. I embraced it. While walking back I realized that I loved moving. It brought my mind back to the night before, when I had first tried MDMA. I was so happy at this point. I had a hige smile on my face. 

I continued to work, but kept catching myself dancing around, or just moving a lot in general. After a short while, I gave up hiding anything. I pulled out my phone, put it in a plastic cup to amplify the sound, and I played rave music. I was fully immersed in my MDMA experience meaning that I lost all self consciousness. I was also experiencing the color vibrancy that MDMA gives. I felt like everything inside the McDonalds was emitting friendly positive energy. I continued to mindlessly dance and listen to my music. People were getting concerned. I loved it. However, whenever I needed to actually participate at my job, I could switch back to vyvanse mode and I was able to do my job accurately, then switch back to having insane fun. I went back into the dishes area to talk to this girl, who normally I wasn't too fond of, but I wanted to talk to someone. I leaned against the side of a thing. I'm not sure what it was, but It was warm. I, mid conversation, realized that the thing felt amazing, and I fully leaned into it as much as I could. I straight up moaned because It felt so good. She laughed at me. I looked at her. She looked back at me and stopped laughing. She kept staring at me. 

"You're really out of it, aren't you?" She asked. I looked back at her and nodded, with a stupid grin on my face. 

"I'm so out of it, you don't even know." I said. I kept smiling and I kind of floated away. I really just walked but I was moving in a way that was kind of dancing and walking at the same time. I then went and talked to a friend, L.

L knew I had bought molly and she noticed my eyes and she noticed the way I was moving and how happy I was. She laughed slightly and she asked if I had taken molly. I said yes. She laughed some more, shook her head and I "floated away again." 

The rest of the night consisted of me dancing around and talking with people. L had told most everyone, except managers that I was on drugs. They all were amused and legitimately tried to help make my night better, by being chill, and even in some cases, dancing a little bit with me. 

I got off work at 12:30am.

I felt so tired and drained. I also had a mega headache. I went and bought another Arizona. I then went home, took a quick shower, threw on some netflix and popped a few benadryl to make me pass out. 

I woke up the next morning feeling kinda rough, but I slept for 12 hours so I didn't feel too bad. 

Over all this was an amazing experience. I will never repeat this. I feel that even though it was fun to be at work on molly that I kind of wasted it. It was really fun and enjoyable, but I would rather have been at a party, or chilling with my friends listening to music. 

The vyvanse was the only thing getting me through the shift, and the 25i also was kind of wasted due to the vyvanse. Despite that I really had a fun day!

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