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Am I Bleeding?

I am 18, 140 lbs, and male.

I am 18, 140 lbs, and male. I ate a large cheeseburger sub 2 hours before I tripped.

The entire day I was trying to get some trips, ie. LSD or shrooms. I was searching for around 3 hours until my girlfriend's sister called with some good news: shes gettin some shrooms!!!

I was so amped up to trip, because this was my first time.

We left for my girlfriend's sister's house around 9:30 pm to party. We got there around 10 o'clock and the quarter we got was waiting for us. I ran over and got some bread at the CR's near the apartment so we didn't have to eat the shit smelling shrooms by themselves. A little bit of peanut butter and bread masked the taste perfectly. The 1/8th I ate went down like nothing. CHOMP!

We sat down and were watching a friend play San Andreas for a little while, and about 30 mins in, we started feeling it. Everyone was laughing and there was this guy that sounded like a hyena. Fucking annoying. There were 4 kids there too, like 5 year olds. The little girl was sick and was throwing up. We were still all trippin though, even though they were there...BAD IDEA.

Anyways, we started listening to some music, Combichrist, on the XBOX, which has some really heavy beats to it. I was sitting against this wall, and the colors from the TV were illuminating the whole room, making it really dramatic in there. All of a sudden, I start starring at the carpet and it started bouncing back and forth, and it was like a giant Zombie Army was marching towards me. I looked back at my girlfriend and her skin like peeled away and she looked like a zombie too. I told her to check out the floor to see the zombies. That was when I could still talk...

I went up to the bathroom to take a piss, and my girlfriend followed. There were little spirals of rainbows in my vision with my eyes opened. The stairs that lead up to the bathroom were stretched super long and they seemed to keep going and going and going, like I was on them forever, and the last step took me to another plane or something. I went in the bathroom and pissed, and when I looked into the mirror my face was all mutated and shit, and it looked like I had scales. When I would close my eyes and reopen them, people would be in entirely different places, and my girlfriend would change from happy to sad to confused in front of my eyes. I remember saying "When I blink, you change emotions," or something of that nature.

We were in the bathroom for 45 minutes! People thought we were having sex in there. I was sitting on the floor talking to her, and she looked like she was crying for a second, and I thought I was imprisoning her in the room, so I told her she could leave whenever she wanted. She told me she wanted to be here. We went in the hallway, and she layed down on the carpet. Everything was morphing into eachother and I looked at Debbie and thought I killed her. I was like "SHIT WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!?! WHERE AM I GONNA PUT HER BODY? I'M GOIN' TO JAIL!". Then she told me she wasn't dead. I was tripping though...how did I know she was really saying that. I thought I had gone crazy and like strangled her. I was paranoid, but a voice kept telling me I didn't do anything wrong. Whew. Then I layed down and tried to tell her what I was thinking. How everything was going in circles and I didn't know if I was thinking of the same thing 3 times too much.

I went downstairs and I immediately started feeling like I was bleeding. I sat at my little wall from earlier and my dreads were rubbing up on it. I took a shower before I got there, and so my hair was wet. The marks on the wall looked like BLOOD harcore. I was like "SHIT." That was all I could say. I looked to this guy who was playing the music and asked "Am I bleeding?" He told me that I wasn't and I was like "Good. I could bleed right now. I bleed you know?"

Then the little girl started crying and puking and I was hearing echoes and shit. I thought of that baby that cries in the one Tool song. It was like that.I got away from it though. Close.

Debbie's sister started FREAKING OUT. She was balling and she wanted us to leave. We didn't but we felt pressured to. We went downstairs and watched 24. I wanted to turn it off soooooo bad. I never did though. I was paralyzed on the couch. My shirt design (NIN the downward spiral if you've seen the shirt) has these huge lines of coke on it and they were like lurking up my shirt. It was scary.

We took the shrooms at 10:20 and they kicked in around 11:00 pm. We were trippin until 2:00 am. On our way home, we stopped at Turkey Hill, and I saw my friend's dad. He was talking to me for awhile and then stopped, looked at my eyes REALLY closely, and then spoke to me again. I was really in a great mood though, and I didn't care. My first trip was AWESOME and that old bastard wasn't gonna bring me down. I walked around for a while and stared at the floor tiles. I saw my vision going back to normal right in front of me. Everything that had been swirling came to a stop and I felt depressed that my trip was over. I wish it lasted longer. 4 hours kinda pissed me off.

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