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My fairy tale festival trip and meeting my brother from a past life

Second trip ever, first trip was bad but this was beyond words

Hey guys, I've known about this site for ages and I've read stuff on here, but just recently I had a very powerful experience on mushrooms and I decided to create an account so I can share my experience with you :smile: Posted this in the forums then reallized it was the wrong section..

It was only a few nights ago, at a small one-night psychedelic festival in the UK which I won't name. Basically some friends I met told me about it but I wasn't really sure, and at the very last minute I decided to go. I ended up missing my train down and waiting an hour to get the next one. 3 hours later I had to switch over to another train and I asked this girl (Who I'll call E from now on) if I could sit next to her. I offered her some fruit which I'd bought at the train station and we got chatting. The festival had sold out since they had a capacity of only 1500, but a week earlier my friend (Who I'll call O) had told me he would be able to get me a wristband because he works in the litter crew. E was telling me that she does volunteer work and that she works at the castle which the festival was being held at, even when the festival isn't on. I tried to get hold of my friend O over the phone, but it went straight to voicemail, and E told me it was probably because there's bad signal at the castle grounds. Then, my phone died and I realized I forgot my charger, so I didn't know how I'd find O. E told me that I could just stick with her when I got there and she'd bring me to her friend/colleague N and he might be able to sort something out.

After we got off the train and got to the festival, we went to E's house which was on the grounds to drop off her bag, then went over to N's house which was also on the grounds, where there was a pre-party. Loads of people were also at the campsite at this point and the festival had already started but this party was quite small.. When I got inside the house, there were about 12 other people who wanted to sneak in, so I felt like I could relax having still not found O. I did actually go to the campsite and look for him but to no avail. Instead, the 12 of us led by a guy who I'll call S - who lives with N in the house we were at and who knew all of the different paths around the castle - went through the forest linked by eachother's hands and shuffling to the amazing music for about a 25 minute walk until we got in around the back of the festival and got in. The castle was covered in urban art, like a mural, and it was backlit lit by these powerful UV lights Wandered around the festival for a little bit and bumped into a friend who had some mushrooms, and he gave me some.

I only had 2 grams to begin with, and it took a while for them to kick in, maybe 30-45 minutes. This was the second time I'd ever taken shrooms before, and my first experience was horrible because it was in a flat party which was too intense, so I was a little nervous having them. The first thing I started to notice was when I was lying on a hill looking at the stars, and the star I was looking at was jumping around and phasing in and out of existence. Pretty cool, but quite mild.

Then, after a while I walked around the trees and the people and it was like this very tribal ritual that we were all a part of. Everyone was being synchronized by the frequency of the music and it's like I was all of the people there, and they were me, and we were all one. There was this band called Nubiyan Twist who were really good, and they're lyrics were about mother nature and it all just felt so perfect. Later, I went up to a campfire and I was given these two plastic mushrooms about 1 ft long each. I held one in each hand for the rest of the night and danced with them. I had tapped into this infinite source of energy that I think was coming from nature and the people, and it was all loving. I felt like I was channeling that energy through me and out to all the people who would look at me as I moved around with my giant mushrooms. They were like an extension of myself, like my wands, and I was casting a spell of compassion to people. I looked up the trunks of this group of trees where a bunch of people were sitting. There was some trippy decor and lights shining on the trees. I was just staring straight up waving my mushrooms around and laughing like a madman. I was just filled with joy throughout my whole being. The visuals at this point weren't that strong, but I did see some really weird things. Like, when I was at the campfire there was this strange fellow who I felt almost represented my egotistic self. The things he was saying anyway. I remember he asked me to go over and get something, and I told him I was tripping, but he was like "Oh well I'm too lazy to go get it myself" as well as a few other things he said but I can't really remember.

I loved everyone at that festival, even though there were a few people who weren't that nice. I was wearing harem pants with hindu symbols on it and this group of chavs thought it was hilarious and said I looked like I was wearing pyjamas. It didn't really bother me though. Overall the festival was amazing and even at that it would have been a great all-round experience, but then it took a turn for the bizarre which I'll explain.

The music stopped at 4 am and most people went back to the campsite or got a taxi and left. Since my stuff was still at N's house, I ended up going back there and partying. While walking towards it the window kind of swirled about and it looked like something from a fairy tale. There were people playing acoustic guitars inside and singing and it was really great There was another guy I met, who I'll call D, and the first thing he asked me was if we'd met before, which we hadn't.. Didn't really speak to him much until after most people had left the party, but then we ended up having really deep conversations about tripping, life, humanity etc. Then he mentioned that there was something strange about the room we were in, like he'd been there before. I felt the same thing as well. It was serious deja vu. After most of the other people had gone to sleep it was just me and him who were awake, I showed him my favourite band called Wookiefoot. First we put on this album called 'Activate: The Story of Nothing and The Monkey' which is a parable for the Tibetan Book of the dead. And after that we listened to another album by them called 'Out Of The Jar'. He gave me the rest of his mushrooms, and I'm not entirely sure how much it was. If you want to truly understand what I experienced you need to listen to those albums and listen to the lyrics. They are truly amazing. You can find it on spotify but not youtube or soundcloud.

Anyway, D mentioned that he felt like he'd been to this room in a dream before, and as soon as he said that I instantly remembered a dream that I'd had months ago of sitting in that spot in the same room, wearing the same clothes, listening to the same music, talking to D, even though I hadn't met him before. I even remember just before I woke up, there was this thing I did where I put my hand out and covered my view of his left eye while hearing the words "Something I can't quite put my finger on" and then waking up. I did the same thing in real life and it was the exact same. 

We started talking about the nature of time and reality and how this could all be possible, and there was a very strong feeling that we'd both met each other in a past life. It's as though we were brothers even though we'd never met. The lyrics to wookiefoot really made that moment very special. Things like "Remember, this life is but a dream," and "This seems so right here," and "The path you walk is a circle, and it will always bring you home, welcome home," and other things that felt like they were meant for that exact moment.I wish I could remember them all off the top of my head but yeah seriously check out Wookiefoot they're one of the best bands ever haha. I realized in that moment that all suffering is worth it in the end, and then some. I don't know exactly what's gonna happen, but I know thatywe impose limits on our own little universes, but beyond that there is so much more. Life is such a beautiful and precious thing.

The ceiling and walls were breathing and my hands were vibrating. I don't mean shaking as in normal shaking. I mean vibrating at an extremely high frequency that didn't look natural at all. D's hands were doing the same. I looked at his face and it was morphing into different animals like he was shapeshifting. I asked him about it and he said he wasn't sure how he was doing it but that I wasn't the first person to say that to him. I think he told me that his friend who was tripping said the same thing a while back.. The words I've written don't do justice to the profoundness and bizarreness of that moment. I really wish I could show you. It's like there's some kind of vortex in that place.

As it happens, D and I both have very similar interests, and we want to go and create something positive for the world. Maybe start a band or make a documentary or something. We also want to go to shangri la festival (Which is hosted by wookiefoot) next year in Minneapolis, USA. I don't know, but I don't for one second believe it was an accident that I ended up in that room. Both of us had ended up there by 'accident'. And both of us had dreamt about it months ago. I'm still very confused by the whole experience, but however the fuck it all works, it was all very positive and if that's what tripping is like then I can't wait for my next one, but I'm going to wait until the time is right.

Thank you for reading this far and I hope this inspires you to try mushrooms if you haven't before.

Peace and love brothers and sisters :smile: I'm glad I joined this site and I'm glad I typed that all out while it's still relatively fresh in my mind. 

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