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Disaster first trip


After reading this story, you're probably going to call me an idiot, but I'm just going to go ahead and tell you my first time tripping on acid—in class. It was my first time ever doing a psychedelic and I didn't think acid was going to be that crazy. So I dropped two blots in the morning and drove to school immediately after. I felt a bit drunk and went to my friends house and I was telling them about what I was feeling and they convinced me to go to class (I know I was responsible) so I went into class and everything started hitting me at once. I had strong visuals and a shit-eating grin was plastered on my face. It was law class so we were working on something to do with a case and a girl that usually sits next to me came in late and asked what we were doing. I told her "This" and just pointed at the case. She kept asking me questions and I was just folding under pressure and I could tell I scared her or she was weirded out by me. There was a girl sitting behind me that just wouldn't stop laughing and I felt like several people were also high and just showing up to class so it made me feel more comfortable, but after noticing the negative vibes I decided that I was going to get caught. I asked the teacher to go to the bathroom and then I just never went back to class. My car was still in the parking lot at school but I said fuck that and walked home. After I arrived at my house I started playing xbox and I was just tripping hard. All I could think about was getting caught by my parents so I walked back to school and actually DROVE my car home (I know it was completely fucking stupid). The distance was only like 3 minutes, but I was driving really slow because all I could see was patterns and shit on the road. I had to go down this road that had slight curves and I was getting tripped out by the curves, but I made home safe and sound. I was trying to read reports on acid on my phone but the words were going all over the place. Later that night I had to go out for dinner to a Mexican restaurant with my parents and they were putting sombreros and shit on us because it was for my birthday it was just completely fucked lol. Psychedelics arent something to play around with, that's for sure and I'm going to have a lot to explain to my class tomorrow.

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