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altered dimensions

I was in my friends house in the country, triping my ass off.

I was in my friends house in the country, triping my ass off. As i sat on the porch smoking a cigarette and looking around, i began to tune into everything. If i concentrated on hearing what was in the woods, it seemed like i could hear things moving around from miles away. My site was obviously messing with me the most but when i looked at things I could zoom in like a digital camera or something, it was so freaky. But the biggest weird out i had was when i looked at the porch screens that wraped around the back of the house, i imagined they were all TV screens and i wasn't in the country I was just watching the screens like it was a virtual reality game it was very trippy. Plus wood bathroom doors are hours of fun. oh yeah one more thing, have you every seen the forehead people? They live on the foreheads of every human. Pick up a picture while your triping or a trippin' buddy, and cover up their face from the nose down. Now look at them upside down. Tell them to move around their forehead. Imagine the hair line as a beard, the forehead as a mouth with skin covered over it, and the eyes as their eyes(the eyebrows are underneath their eyes). I know it sounds odd but come on your shrumin'.

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