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Magical Forest Experience

5 grams of Cubensis

Hey guys, I am going to try and make this as detailed as possible and it might come out slightly long, but this is partially to help me remember everything I experienced.
 So me and 2 really close friends (of whom I will refer to as A and D) decided to go camping in the middle of the forest in Oregon. We were right on this lake, and I must say this spot we found was the most perfect spot to trip ever. There was this insane view of this mountain and even before we took the shrooms we were in total awe of the beauty of this place. Our plan was to camp here for two nights and the day in between we would take the mushrooms. I had weighed out an eighth (3.5 grams) for each of us, but also had a half oz stash besides that that I planned on selling later on.

 After a great night's sleep under the stars in my tent, I woke up in a good mood. Both my friends were still asleep so I took a glorious bath in the lake right by our camp. After this I felt amazing and was very eager to get this trip underway. It was around 11:30 AM that we decided to start and we each ate only half an eighth at this point. My magical forest experience is split into two seperate trips and this was the first of the two. After the onset had taken place along with all the typical sensations, I could tell I was peaking. The body high was very intense, I had sort of a drunken feeling. Everything became super vivid and the details in everything I looked at stood out very well. I was mesmerized by my hands and feet because the creases were morphing and had a sort of Aztec - cartoony look. Everything was breathing and seemed very  enchanted. Me and my two friends literally just walked around very slowly for the three hours that the trip lasted, in total awe of everything. My mind seemed like it was trying to solve issues, so that I could become a happier person. I did not want that moment in time to go away, and became super depressed at the fact that good times always end. But this made me realize that good times should be enjoyed that much more and that one should not dwell on that fact. I also became hung up on the fact that one day I would be old, and my loved ones would die. This fact made me realize that I should cherish these times more than ever. We then laid in my tent and smoked a cigarette as we came down.
 That phase of my experience was more thought based, with many self realizations involved. The body high was also very intense with mild visuals. The second phase however was much more visual.

 After it was apparent that we were sober again, we decided to just smoke some weed and drink some kratom tea to relax. We talked about what we had each experienced and it was very good for each of us. This was D's first time and he totally broke out of his shell. I could tell that he was in love with the outdoors and had discovered a new inner happiness. A also had a very good experience, I could tell we were all on the same level. We didn't really plan on rebooting, but we kind of subtly mentioned it throughout the day. It wasn't until around 6:00 PM that we started munching on our shrooms, kind of subcounciously. After consuming another half an eighth, I kind of half jokingly pulled out my half oz stash. I ended up eating about 4 more big stems from this bag, and both my friends had 2 or 3. It didn't occur to me until later, but when I was weighing out the shrooms, the stems were incredibly heavy (one stem weighing close to half an eighth itself.) So including the half eighth I ate before breaking into my stash, I estimate that at this point in time I consumed about an eighth and a half at least. My previous maximum dosage was only an eighth, and I totally was not expecting what was coming.

 Unlike the first trip of the day, I was not at all anxious for the high to begin, in fact I kind of forgot about it. Since we had spent the entire day in this one area I was eager to go explore, so I convinced my friends to come on a walk through the forest, off the pathways. We found this crazy area where a creek used to run through, so it was like a pathway of rocks, surrounded by lush green plant life. The plants were so abundant that aside from the old rock stream bed, you couldn't really see any dirt. We were sitting on this rock smoking a cig, when all of a sudden I began to feel very heavy and light headed. It still didn't occur to me that I was about to trip balls and I thought I was just dehydrated. That was when I got blasted with insane visuals. I looked at my foot and it was glowing this weird golden blue color. I could see my veins that were inside my foot and there were these crazy super detailed Aztec style patterns flowing and moving like rivers on my foot. I looked to A and said "do you see that?" and he just said "No." I realized I was hallucinating wanted to get back to camp. The last time I did shrooms I bad tripped and from that experience I learned what I need in order for that to not happen. I need to know where my cigs and phone are, I need to know where we are, and I need to know that I have everything I need. I told my buddies that I needed to get back to camp ASAP and they followed me. The visuals were increasing and I could tell.

 When we got back to camp I was so high. My friends must not have eaten as much because they never said they tripped like I did. I would stare at a rock and instantly see super intricate patterns, like man made patterns  that moved and morphed and breathed all at once. The longer I stared the more intense they got. I decided to put myself to work at making a fire so I wouldn't freak out. At this point I accepted my trip and was able to make it very enjoyable. Everytime I looked at my friends' skin I saw that same glowing moving pattern deal. I also thought that I was seeing inside them at their viens and every thing. I then began to see there vibes, as a weird aura around their bodies. It was the craziest thing ever. Everything was moving and flowing and kaleidoscope type patterns were bursting inside everything. The plant life seemed so enchanted, seriously like I was in a forest from Alice in Wonderland or something.

 And then the forest ranger came. He told us our camping spot was a day use spot only and that we had to go. I honestly have no idea how I talked to him and how he didn't know that we were high. I just remember looking him in his eyes, his beard and wild hair flowing off him and morphing into the forest behind him. The trees bending and everything rotating around his face, it was like something out of a movie. After that I was suprisingly quick at packing up camp. I was still tripping very hard and had a lot of fun with it. I had no problem driving as the roads were dirt backroads with nobody else around. I came down during the drive but still had an amazing vibe. I was in total awe of how hard I had just tripped. This was the best trip of my entire life.

 If there is anything that I could have derived from my experience its that if you want to do shrooms: Do them during the day and outside submerged in nature. That is the only way I will ever do them from now on.

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