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First time growing and experiencing at night.

I love my beautiful mushies :D

All I can say is oh my god. It was simply amazing. First things first! I gave two people a gram of my dehydrated shrooms they tripped nuts, me on the other hand I had 2 grams dried and 1 wet mushroom weighing about 3 grams. We went out in the woods owned by my friend and we all seen the flower of life everywhere. This was at night so we seen the trees turn into a kaleidoscopic pattern which was amazing. I feel like the night time was so much more amazing than during the day. I seen things like my friends faces concaving in and reality bending and twisting and breathing. My car looked like a tiger and was sooo smooth it was simply awesome. A few times I would start thinking bad things but the biggest influence for me was music the music I would listen to was a huge influence so I put on some trippy Meditation shit and by the time I quit questioning my trip like hmmm there is no person there why do I see them and boom they would be gone. So I cocooned up is was I called it went under a blanket towards the 4 hour mark and grabbed my head to go into deep meditation. I went throughout my body and started reasoning why I was who I was. This put me through a time travel like experience. I seen my self as far back as a fetus then seen dna type helix's and even went back to a energy source that was giving off its energy. Like a ultimate being giving off seeds of life. It was an amazing experience. Even at one point in time I was flying through the sky in clouds of mushrooms! It was intense. I never thought that as little as 3 grams of shrooms dried would do such an intense effect. All I can say is WOW! I loved it! 

I do have a question in your own experience has the night time intensified the effect when it comes to shrooms? I had friends who have really tripped out on shrooms before and they said never have they taken 1g of dried shrooms and tripped so hard. I was thinking maybe it was just us as a team playing off each other and making the high soo amazing. 

My next trip report will be on lsd I will be doing this mid september and then towards the end of the vacation ill be doing more shrooms. My friend has a kickass lake house and we will go balls to the wall!

If you have never done shrooms before and it is your first time all I got to say is if you respect your shrooms they will treat you with soo much love! 

Oh yea and also don't set yourself up for failure and go balls deeps take a decent amount the first time. I had to leave the group because I was baby sitting a friend because he took 3 strips of lsd.... I was like you all have fun with him I am not going to fall into a bad trip lol. The moment when I decided this was when finally the last straw he seen my friend coming into the woods with his flashlight and the kid on lsd said omg its like nazis searching for jews! I was like nooo man come back to us its our friend with a flashlight not nazis coming to kills us... lol 

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