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Contact with Entities

history of the universe shown to me by the shrooms

This trip happened around September 2013. I decided to take shrooms in my room at around midnite. Around 5-6g was consumed. (and more afterwards)
I used shrooms a few times before but this was my biggest dose at the time.

All the lights were turned off in my room and I started meditating while sitting on my bed. (closing eyes, seated position, controlling breathing)
Intense and the most vivid/amazing visuals* that I've ever seen in my life were experienced. Pretty much like a 3d "screensaver" effect of patterns.
One particular visual pattern I remember was metallic swirls (the texture of the visual was metallic itself) which were moving in some sort of mathematical
pattern/algorithm. What amazed me the most was that the visual had a profound "3D" effect. I was just in awe over this expereince.

*closed eye visuals

Another visual that occured during the trip that I remember clearly was a space/galaxy sort-of visual. I actually felt as if I was in some sort of place in outer space.
I felt I was actually in the stars and was in awe again. I experienced many more visuals and after a few hours, the intensity decreased. I wanted the intensity
to return to a peak level so I decided to eat more shrooms (aprrox. 3 more grams).

The intensity increased again but even more than before! I was in the "stars" again and this time an entity started speaking with me
(telepathically in my mind is the best way to describe it). The entity gave the vibe of an old wise soul, some sort of Native American vibe to it (sounds weird, I know).
It asked me "so you really want to know?, you want more knowledge?, ok, you asked for it" And then I got the most unique feeling I ever got in my life. I felt as if
my brain received a sort of "electrical shock" near the sides of my forehead/temple. Lol not really an "ouch" sort of shock but it bewildered me and the feeling of
the shock was real.

I then was "told" or shown by visuals about the universal battle between good/evil. The vibe all of a sudden turned negative/evil. I seen visuals of "evil" mushrooms.
Which can be described as having razor-sharp small teeth, red eyes, and a devious smiles. More visuals came and went. Then I seen wolf faces faded in with the black
darkness of just closing your eyes (kind of like they were, hidden in the shadows). What astounded me the most is that the red eyes had a holographic effect!
Holographic as in, the eyes were like a pure red but shiny (like animal eyes reflecting in the dark with colour). The "evil mushrooms" had this eye effect too.

Then I came into contact with an evil entity. The best way to describe it is: a skulled figure (humanoid figure, kind of like ghost rider in face appearance, with no flames),
with the vibe of a Western Cowboy or somethin. (Again, sounds weird but this is the best way I can explain it)
This entity started intimidating me. Its personality was that of a "beast" or animal like. As in, it gave me the vibe of a ruthless killer/rapist. It was laughing at me and
also kind of "barking". It told me to "watch out boy". To me it represented the side of people who indulge in their own selfish motives (esp. sexual indulgence) and violence/ego.
I was not afraid of it, but knew the seriousness of the energy I was feeling.

I was then "swarmed" with negative thoughts that tried to trip me out (when this happened I had visuals of witches in kaleidoscopic patterns). The way I escaped this was that
I muttered the words "zin uru". I remembered this from reading "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth". It was supposedly words of positivity. When I said this, I felt more comforted
and had visuals of a "rainbow splash" that diluted the negative presence. I then got a visual of the "white horseman/Kalki" from Hindu mythology. He was in front of a blazing sun
located in outer space. I felt this type of energy must be "summoned" by me to get rid of the evil/ignorance of myself and friends/family (most of which are spiritually devoid and
lost, and attached to their egos).

It was around 6am when  decided to go outside to see the sun rise by a cliff near my house. I ran there with my dog (still high on shrooms, but the intensity died down in comparison)
I was just chilling by the cliff when the sun suddenly got my attention when it rose, It was a bright pink and I stood in awe at its amazement. It made me feel better with the presence
of the sun being almost divine-like to me.

At one point of the trip, I "melted" into space and could see a "black hole/vortex" around my arm and various places. This caused a revelation and made me understand how this
material universe is an "illusion" and constructed of a something sort of universal all-pervading substance/cloak.

I am of Hindu/Tamil origin and live in Canada after my parents escaped the war. I have recently been more in touch with God/Universe and around this time was when I was
gaining more knowledge about spiritual topics (not limited to Hinduism). My life fell off track a few years before this event as I was drinking alcohol and was attached to my ego.
I was religious when I was younger but lost touch as I went through middle school/highschool. I smoke pot regulary (for the past four years) as it helped my find these topics.

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