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I just bought an ounce of shrooms (I think they were liberty caps, not quite sure as i'm new to this).

I just bought an ounce of shrooms (I think they were liberty caps, not quite sure as i'm new to this). I decided to try out a little before i dove in, just in case they were poisonous; so as not to hurt anyone i shared them with. I took 3 small caps and a medium sized stem and started watching baseketball (not a very good shrooming movie btw). At first i thought maybe i got screwed out of my money because i didn't notice anything for like an hour or so. I went and looked in the mirror and saw that my pupils had dialated. I figured that this was a good thing and went back to the movie. I started experiencing about a lvl 1 trip; The colors on the movie were really bright and it sounded to big for the room. Then i turned out the lights...I have lots of lights inside my pc and they made everything pinkish blue, which started to move. I saw a pink snake trapped inside my computer then; he wanted out, but he didn't actually say it. So i ignored him, then i looked outside because i remember from my last time how alive the trees looked. If you've ever seen Interview with the Vampire, you'll know what i mean by "seeing everything for the first time" It was amazing. I felt smarter for some reason knowing that i could see life all around me. Then I noticed a dying weed that had been sprayed with weed killer earlier in the week. The weed was kurt russel. That kind of scared me so i shut my window and noticed that the grim reaper was sitting in my chair, looking in my direction. I did my best to ignore him and went into my bathroom, which was very loud. I could see the noise on the walls and floor, kind of like an odd colored checkerboard.
I asked death what he was doing here but he didn't reply, so i tried to go to bed. I layed down and pulled up the blankets and looked at death again. Now he was smiling, i couldn't see it so much as feel it. I noticed then that i wasn't breathing anymore. So i continued to not breathe. It was an odd feeling not breathing; and not feeling like i should breathe ever again. I started to breathe again once i thought about why death was here, and remembered that i needed to breathe to live. I got dressed up and lay back in bed because i didn't want to be found dead in my sleepwear. I looked again at the chair and death was no longer there. I tried going to sleep again because i was gettin really paranoid and and everything was getting all mixed up and not right in my head.
Then all of a sudden I could hear the earth move. It was so loud. I saw white for a minute or 2 and started saying some odd kind of poem i made up as i went. I guess u could call it a mantra. For the last hour of the trip i could briefly see people i knew in my walls; as soon as i recognized them, they were gone. Then sleep finaly came.
This wasn't really a bad trip, but not really a good one either.

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