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8 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

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Ok so today I tripped on these seeds and man it fucked me up! I had 4 initially, what I did was let them sit, crushed up, in lime juice for 30 minutes and then mixed that with OJ and drank everything. Thinking I wasn't tripping hard enough I took another 4, crushed them up and let sit in water for 30 mins and drank. I couldn't drink the whole glass cause I was so nauseous. I was nauseated for an hour or so then I puked 3 times, all OJ and felt so much better. I then retired to bed and started hallucinating, not in a good way and I was just so disoriented. I was definitely tripping though but this stuff is not a game. This is a high potency psychedelic, no ifs ands or buts, and idk who this would be good for, because it definitely wasn't right for me. I was bed ridden and drained of energy. I can't speak for everyone but this trip was not enjoyable, I mean sure I was tripping but seriously only try this if you are super brave because it will fuck you up straight up, I'm telling you it was not enjoyable, there was some bliss but it wasn't worth the puking and bedriddenness. Only the brave will try this

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