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My profound Unity experience during Ritual Meditation™ (March 23, 2014)

My Profound Unity Experience (Meditation & Shrooms)

This was the most profound experience of my life without exception, and as such I would like to share this with you, and my Ritual Meditation™ process and all my preparations. The Ritual Meditation™ process involved; an eyes closed focussed attention meditation technique (focussed on breath, 3rd eye), consumption of entheogens (Psilocybin cubensis), whilst seated in a relaxed posture facing Earth`s magnetic axis in sensory silence. This was conducted before and during the sunrise on the spring equinox (23/03/2014). You can read more about this process on my website; http://tinyurl.com/ofhkqbp.

Preparation: My preparation started a few weeks before the ritual date by ordering fresh Atlantis magic mushroom truffles (2*15 grams) purchased online which were stored in the fridge upon delivery. One week out I started meditating twice daily for 45 minutes (from my usual once daily); alternating eyes closed focussed attention (focussed on my breath & mind`s 3rd eye), with eyes open focussed attention (staring fixedly at a 3km high volcano or the mirror) meditation, and eyes open monitoring (aware of thoughts, sensory perceptions, in the Now).

I fasted strictly for 3.5 days before the ritual day; drinking only water, herbal teas, and salt-broth drinks. Fasting is said to help weaken the ego´s defences and ensures a higher entheogen payload is delivered into the body at the time of ritual. During the final 3 days, I avoided emails, movies/sport/news, people, carnal activity (recharges batteries!), and ceased all work. I spent a lot of time in nature, and the more I sat silently amongst nature the more present I became – the mind tranquil, silent, happy and ever aware of its connection to everything and everything to it.    

Ceremonial Fire: I conducted a ceremonial fire (invocation, intention, and prayer) after sunset the night before the ritual, at an ancient Mayan ceremonial site next door. During the days before, I meditated at this site honouring Mother Earth and our ancestors, thanking them for the world they helped create, and asking them for permission, protection, and guidance during the ritual.

Conducting Ritual Meditation™: On the day of the Ritual Meditation™, I awoke just before 4am and consumed two packets of Atlantis truffles (30 grams total; high dose), blended with fruit juice. I started my Ritual Meditation™ at 4am for a 05:10am sunrise, determined using the free meditation calendar on my website (http://tinyurl.com/oxukl29). This will tell you the sun and moon rises/sets for anywhere in the world, with an easy intuitive user interface. Timing your Ritual Meditation™ has important benefits for passively supplementing alpha brainwaves (amplitudes; power) generated by the frontal brain. Structures in the frontal brain (prefrontal cortex, angulate cingulate cortex) act as "gateway processes" for propagating transcendental states of consciousness and deep meditative states—and these are the same structures entheogens also interact with.

The seated meditation was conducted in a quiet part of the house, in a comfortable chair, maintaining a relaxed and straightened back, with my hands on my knees and forearms resting on my thighs, with a neutral foot position and bare footed, with my eyes closed, whilst facing magnetic south; or a whopping big 3.2km tall volcano 7km in front of me. Santiago de Atitlan was once considered the ancient Mayan shaman capital of the Guatemala Highlands; and this represents a very rich geomagnetic environment conducive to sacred rituals.

The ExperienceA characteristic of entheogen meditation in my experience is the almost effortless mind-silencing and relatively rapid onset of enoptic visuals with eyes closed, and this Ritual Meditation™ was no different. This was followed by a rapid dissolution of body-sensory-space-ego boundaries as I literally became my breath sinking deeper inwards toward a faint but growing-pulsing central light-energy and my awareness merged into ONE. It was like moving from a subject-object sensory awareness to all of a sudden being everything yet nothing. Its language was absolute bliss-love-light felt as an indescribable awareness of love. Small pin points of peripheralized white lights held form from a central pulsing light (heart energy field), and these were joined by lines of fainter light-like lightning strings which wavered. These pulsed and expanded with my breath, and became more numerous and symmetrical and were connected to my awareness as One.

An awareness that an unblockage of energy flow had occurred, as i breathed (energy breath) and I was overwhelmed with an awareness that I am healed (mind-body), as this intense bliss-love-light coursed my energy body and awareness. The visuals impressed upon me a jelly fish’s motion suspended in water as I was suspended within an infinite expanse of faint snake-skinned kaleidoscopic-coiling colours, with pale pink/purple/yellow dominating.

My breath-energy emanated into an expanse of space without boundaries, and this kaleidoscoping energy pulsing would intermittently clear, and I became aware of being suspended awareness of/in the stars; the universe in fact. I was without form and literally suspended awareness in timeless infinity and yet seemingly nothing. I have no idea how long that lasted.

An awareness appeared of absolute gratitude – thank you, thank you, thank you, as the most intense awareness of bliss-love-light coursed my being. At one stage I was hovering over and yet connected to a Buddha like meditating entity with light breaking out and emanating as rays, and I was aware of the most powerful words “I am”... I`m almost embarrassed or in trepidation for saying “I am Buddha”, “I am Atman” and “they are I” because this sort of autotheistic language historically has gotten people in to trouble. Anyway, this awareness in Unity left a strong impression on me to this day (5mths later), even though my life and character are still less than perfect - but evolving!  

At times I emerged closer to an inner shell of awareness of my physical body and faint senses; the bird and insect noises outside broke through, seemingly connecting with me and propelling the internal vista with energy, and my breath seemed more physical (less energy). Automatically arching my neck back, accompanied by a deep autonomic breathing pattern, an awareness of pure white light bathing my throat region came to my awareness. At this stage I was aware seemingly from above of alignments of light regions—throat, heart, base of spine. My bladder let go and as it did this, the pelvic lower abdominal region exploded into a glowing white light, and an indescribable warm-bliss-tingle-energy sensation emerged into my entire awareness, coursing the highway of light strings and light dots—partially body aware and partially not. OMG my chakras had opened and i now know these things to be true!

There were also moments toward the end of this phase in my trip of another´s eyes in front of my awareness (snakes eyes?); as my intention focussed on the Great Pyramid and Giza complex (Egypt)—this is my enigma and something I feel this most awesome connection with. My question without words asked what the Giza complex originally represented. Next I emerged into what I would describe as the Kings Chamber and an awareness of intense pink-purple resonating-buzzing energy emanating in all directions emerged and I was bathed in it for how long I don`t know. i know this chamber well because i have meditated in it for hours and hours upon end. The eyes were replaced by my book cover (Sun God Sacred Secrets; the Archaeology, Art & Science of Altered States of Consciousness) and an awareness that I am being guided and always have been on the things I must do.

Time completely disappeared and 3 hours passed before I re-emerged back into my body-mind awareness. It was like I was being told it´s time to go back to your body and dual-mind now and we will meet again. As I emerged back to the surface of my body-mind-sensory boundary, I opened my eyes to the beautiful vista of Lake Atitlan (Guatemala), opposite beautiful volcano peaks across the lake, birds and insects singing outside, and me sitting in wet clothes! This overwhelmed me with an intense feeling of happiness, joy and serenity; and fully knowing of my eternal connection to the immanent and transcendent source of all life.

I simply sat there overwhelmed with tears of joy and gratitude, thank you, thank you, thank you. After this I immediately wrote notes of my trip experiences, then continued the external part of this experience in the garden allowing me to bring this connectivity to the external world and Mother Nature. I sat in a tree for some time as Carlton the boy, realising that I absolutely love trees, plants, insects and birds and everything in nature. This was why i became a vet!. When my girlfriend arrived she knew something pretty profound had taken place and we hugged and cried together. That was without doubt the most profound and best day of my life! After 3 ½ days without food I was STARVING - time for Feeding!!!

After Effects: A sense of Inner peace, calm & tranquillity was with me for weeks afterwards. It was like all the negative mind chatter, which had been occupying my mind was gone. Certain physical ailments literally disappeared, and I wear my reading glasses less now. My morning meditations were much deeper, mind-quiet and reflecting of process refinements learned during the entheogen-meditation ritual. I was literally instructed how to meditate via my non-dual awareness guiding me and this guidance was invaluable in accelerating my meditation experience.

Learn the background to Ritual Meditation™ & the Archaeology, Art & Science of Altered States of Consciousness

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Thank you and my best wishes.

Carlton Brown

Author of Sun God Sacred Secrets


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