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Cheeba Hell

The Unknown Psychedelic

***Cheeba Chews are an edible found in most medical marijuana dispensaries in Cali. They are high in CBD and THC. I ate the black indica quad dose about the size of a Tootsie Roll. Warning. Do not recreate. Not fun!****

            The day before consumption I was having terrible Hershey squirts and just the most painful body ache I've ever had. I felt like my bones were made of glass and could barely handle the pain. Like some sort of heavy opium withdrawal. I couldn't sleep at all through out the night and kept tossing and turning. I went to the bathroom like 5 times. That was bad. Sun comes up and I'm still awake so I read a book until I decide my body ache is just too much to bare, so I get dressed and head to the medical shop 3 blocks down from my house. I wanted to try the Cheeba Chews which are edibles high in CBD and THC. The little edibles are made specifically for cancer patients so I knew it would be perfect for me lol even though I didn't have cancer but w/e. I looked at what they had and I decided to go with Indica for the body high. Glad I did because the sativa would have left me schitzo forsure. I went with the quad dose and gave the bud tender my money and left. I opened the edible out in the parking lot and just threw the whole thing in my mouth because it's such a small edible I thought that's how everyone eats them. I found out the day after only retards eat the WHOLE tootsie roll sized edible. I get home and I'm still in complete pain. I grab my book and go to my living room to wait for this edible to ease the pain. 30 minutes pass and I feel the come up. I'm laughing at everything, smiling and I was thinking so much and so rapidly that I pretty much forgot I was in pain. I was in this thought complicated thought process and I couldn't even focus enough to read my book lmao. I hear birds chirping outside and my eyes begin to water and a single tear runs down my face. I have deep thoughts about what they might be saying or singing but it was so alien and beautiful! Man was I blown. This CBD based THC high is different from smoking cannabis. Cannabis is a mild psychedelic. Cheeba Chews are a fucking psychedelic. 20 minutes pass and I decide to go lay down in bed to get some rest. I reach my bed and get in a comfortable sleeping position. Closed my eyes and fuck man. I saw the blackest black and my mind was playing tricks on me. I heard noises that weren't there. I felt "beings" around me. Energy near my body. I was felt like my body was being invaded and there was nothing I can do. Only good thing was I couldn't feel my body at all and felt like I was just floating in spirit form haha. Paranoia and anxiety kick in (natural from cannabis type products) and I just start to freak out and think I'm being possessed! Everything felt so real and I never felt this type of bad trip before because all my past experiences on psychedelics have been positive. My mind keeps falling deeper and deeper into this non-reality type perspective and I just feel so powerless and helpless. Man that really spooked me. I prayed to Jesus to help me overcome this negative vibes That kept attacking and kept trying to put fear in me. I know now that it was all my mind playing tricks on me and I was too baked off the edible to understand this and my paranoia kept hitting me like a train so it was hard to find my happy place lol. Luckily after praying the evil thoughts left my mind and I felt this warm energy type love (weird) and it was so soothing, like if I was a little boy being tucked into bed by my mother (which has never happened before, fml). I knocked out into the deepest sleep of my life. I went to sleep for 19 hours and woke up with no pain whatsoever and I was shitting chunks instead of water so I was stoked! Even though the cheeba cured me of everything I would never eat the whole thing again. Even if you paid me.

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