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Accidentally waaaaay over dipped LSD

Ahhh... poketabs. Don't know why my acid connect called them it, since they just had a trippy image like any other tab I've had.  I was told they were way stronger than usual, but it was more exciting than a warning. This was nearly 2 years ago and was my first trip ever, in the worst environment possible, with the best possible outcome... Not keen on using first names, so I'll just use nicknames/similar names.

Stoney - my girlfriend

Paj- A long time friend who introduced me into psychedelics (ironically, we hated each other during childhood for YEARS and still don't know why)

Mike/Vicky- Good friend of mine and his girlfriend. He has the worse trip possible, she had an amazing time.

Star- Another friend of mine, better friend of Paj's.

So it all started out on Sydney Drive, ironic right? My friends Mike and Vicky just moved into an old trailer not even 2 days prior. It was surrounded by dark woods, with someone still refurbishing the porch (imagine drills and saws during the beginning of your first trip. We all took the tabs too eager to wait the hour it would take him to complete them, and about 30 minutes after everyone but me and my girl went down the street to get rellos/grub. My friend Paj who can be a huge dick but extremely enlightened didn't have room in his car for us, and said we were the most strong minded people there so we'd be fine tripping without experienced people for an hour or so. Me and her had our fair share of drugs from Xanax to pure mdma to ridiculous amounts of marijuana, so we didn't second guess his judgment. Then boom... the second we heard the car drive away Lucy hit us like a psychedelic time bomb. We could barely talk, but had enough grasp on reality to know if one of us had a negative thought, the other would sense it and shit would get hectic. We embraced it, and eventually ended up on the bathroom floor, both of us completely inclosed in visuals during the main 1 hour peak. After we came down (but still had hourssssss of a level 4 trip left) we went back inside the main room freaked out our friends were still gone. We flipped through channels, passed the news, and learned quickly television wasn't meant for trips haha. We then went for our phones because it was getting dark, the worker had left and we could tell how old, creepy and weird the house was. Ofcourse our phones were dead and we were tripping to hard to find the charger, so we embraced our selves once more to avoid thinking of all that was going wrong. We're as sexually compatible as it gets, so we figured why not try fucking? LOL. The second we started kissing and rubbing each other we found ourselves on the floor again, nearly orgasming just from each others touch, sex was obviously out of the question for now haha, which no other drug experience had ever done. Our friends finally came back, and Paj explained how they went hiking and new we'd be fine and it'd bring us together -_- to this day I hate to give him credit, but he was completely right. Us knowing we had to remain positive for each other brought us closer than anything, because we knew if the drug could make you feel better than anything, it could be more horrific than anything... Mikey started having negative thoughts and started feeling like he was dying, screaming etc. has soon as he got away from nature. Everyone tried helping him, except Paj who continued telling us no one can help him get out of his hell but his own will power, but we continued. It was worse because his girlfriend was in such euphoria and so insensitive she honestly couldn't care less (they're now broken up btw, due to other things). We eventually got him out of it and the rest was spiritual at it's finest. Star (the much more humble, enlightened of the 2) started reading from the Kybolian and it was then that triggered me and my girlfriends intense journey into spirituality. He talked to us about sacred geometry, chakras, meditation and other things that to this day our life revolves around. I've tripped over 100 times since 2 years ago (we had a phase of tripping  times a week for half a year after our first trip) on excellent lucy, and I can honestly say the poketabs had us tripping harder than when me and my girlfriend took 5 tabs each, it was honestly a 24 hour trip with an afterglow that felt like 1,000 blunts for another 12... Everything happens for a reason, even accidently ridiculously over dipped acid, the mind is more powerful than most know, even the coldest people have something you can learn from, and visuals have nothing to do with bad trips. My relationship grew stronger than imaginable and everyone I tripped with that time is now like family (aside from Vicky). That's my first trip in a nutshell...

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