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A love unlike no other

First trip, 2 grams (liquid)

I've always been fascinated by the works of psychedelics, so when the opportunity to try Magic Mushrooms presented itself, I was not going to turn it down. I am a longtime weed smoker, but my only experience besides that is a few DXM trips. 

I ordered two vials of pure psilocybin in liquid form, each vial amounting to 2 grams of dried shrooms. A friend who will be referred to as S and I would be taking the voyage, and each of us would take one vial. 

After a successful show with my band, S and I and I headed back to my house to begin the fun. I have done plenty of research on what to expect, but I still kept an open mind to whatever was about to occur. S and I smoked a bowl to calm the nerves and help any nausea that may spring up. We both ate a quick small sandwich to make sure we wouldn't be hungry during the trip. Soon after this, we poured our vials of psilocybin into two glasses of orange juice (I had read online that Vitamin C is a tripper's best friend). The juice tasted much like a grapefruit juice, and was very manageable to drink.  

The first effect I felt come on after about 40 minutes was a buzzing feeling that started in my legs and worked up to my arms, and then finally washed over my whole body. I was laying on a pullout bed anxiously awaiting the come-up. I began to play a movie, Half Baked, and I soon noticed that following along to this movie, (which I'd seen so many times before) was impossible. I remember at one point looking up to see S taking down the many framed pictures and posters that lay in my tripping room. He was specifically worried that a picture of Paul McCartney I had was going to jump out and grab him. S began to become worried and everything he was looking at that had a face was turning demonic. I took S outside to give him a change of scenery and leave the dark room behind. This rough patch only lasted about twenty minutes. Once we left the room and let the cool summer breeze hit us, both our moods were sent skyrocketing. It felt so beautiful to be alive and to be able to breath such gorgeous air. After we got bored of that, we returned inside. 

Music for Airports by Brian Eno was softly emitting from my Bluetooth speaker, and the lights were turned off. This is where my CEV's and OEV's started to take off. The most spectacular hallucination I observed was a timeline of the last 200 million years on Earth. It was basically a summary of the world through one of those flip book cartoons. Super hard to explain, but absolutely breath taking. It went from where the continents were Pangea, to the dinosaurs, the ice ages, ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and then the Revolutionary War days. The 19th and 20th century were skipped, and the visual ended with me laying on the pull out couch like a third person view of myself. 

Around two hours after ingesting, S asked me to turn the lights on. When I did, I noticed a grateful dead poster of mine breathing and pulsating. By the time my eyes adjusted to the light, (and man was it 
bright!) the walls of my room were melting. They dripped, moved, and shapes sizes. I was having the best time ever just looking around at my walls. After that, I decided to open the photo booth app on my Mac which allows you to take silly pictures with different effects. I laughed until I felt like my rib cage was going to explode. I felt like such an idiot laughing that hard, but I was so happy. I was crying so hard from laughing it felt like someone had dumped a bucket of water on my face. 

I decided to return to the outdoors to lay down and look at the pale sunrise which was just beginning. I laid flat on my back in my driveway, which seemed like a perfectly normal thing to do at the time. "People lay in the driveways flat on their backs all the time right?" I remember asking myself. The humongous oak trees that line my yard seemed to dance and move every which way. The clouds seemed to be moving so fast and they're different shapes seemed to me like a movie presented by nature. 

I returned back inside to talk to S and see how he was feeling. He was experiencing beautiful thoughts and theories about religion and the way to world peace. We had a very long talk about was on our mind, and I'm grateful that I recorded it. 

After about 5 hours, sleep became possible and I felt a sudden exhaustion come over me. I fell into a comfortable and dreamless sleep relatively fast, and awoke feeling refreshed and ready for the next day.

In the days following, I've felt a very new found respect for nature and it's gifts. I've been staying off my phone more and taken a much needed break from society. I've also been experiencing a lot of weird childhood memories that I haven't thought of in years. They've brought a huge smile onto my face in the most random places.  I definitely plan to do shrooms again in the near future. I'm not sure too much of a higher dose will be necessary, because what I experienced at as low as 2 grams was already beautiful.

Thanks for reading, I hope you learned something. Peace and Happy Trails

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