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Eighth of Cubensis

highest personal dose so far

Me and 3 close friends had been planning on doing shrooms for awhile. I had previously done them twice but my max dosage before this was only 2 grams dried. The people I was with had each only done them once at the same dose, however one friend I was with had recently taken a double hitter of LSD and 2CB, so it was nice to have someone more experienced around.
  We began by taking them around 7pm as the sun was beginning to set. We were at this house in pretty much the middle of nowhere, with lots of dead grass, rolling hills, and sycamore type trees all around; it was a very pleasant setting. After ingesting a full eighth and chasing with orange juice to intensify the visuals, we sat in the grass and waited for it to kick in.
  The first sign I noticed was some pretty intense tunnel vision, and the grass felt especially amazing. The sky was a beautiful pink color and the summer air was warm and comfortable. This totally set the vibe and everything was going very smoothly, I could tell it would be a clean trip. After a little while we decided to go inside the house, this is when lift off really began. The entire room I was in began breathing and pulsating. Colors became more vivid and my vision was slightly blurred. My mind started to move very quickly and I found myself thinking about many different deep concepts. Things began to morph and become warped as I stared at them. Me and one friend decided to quickly go from room to room in the house, each was colored differently and had a different temperature which was very obvious. This caused the vibe in each room to be drastically different.
  Then there was a knock on the door. My mind had been dancing so to speak and at that sound everything went silent, the vibe had flatlined and nobody moved. We then realized that it was just our trip sitter arriving and we ran to the door, it was pretty obvious that we were tripping. He offered to take us on a drive which at first was perplexing but once we were all in the car was the most beautiful experience I have had thus far. The lights in his car interior were very intense and it felt as though we were in a space ship (it was night at this point). I was barefoot and the warm night air through my tows was unexplainably euphoric. The headlights would shine upon the grass on the side of the road and I could pick out each detail of the grass and could sense everything that the grass was doing to stay alive. I started to have intense visuals at this point. My mind was seeing multi colored peace signs dancing and wiggling, mushrooms growing out of nowhere and then dancing away. My vision was similar to a 3D movie with no glasses. It was like my mind was seeing all these things but I wasn't literally seeing them with my eyes. Closed eye hallucinations were very random, intense, and 3D. Touching my friends' skin made me feel like I was in tune with their vibrations. I felt my unity with the earth and all that is on it.
  When we got back to the house, I remember spending awhile standing in the bathroom in awe. My friend was on the ground in the bathroom too happy to comprehend anything. The bathroom had an africa theme with elephant paintings and all that. This made me feel like i was in a safari or something and the walls were dancing, melting, meshing, all at the same time. People say to avoid mirrors on shrooms but i highly disagree. Seeing myself in the mirror with no shirt on made me realize that I was a person, and this totally blew my mind. The fact that I was a person possessed by a concouisness completely boggled my mind. My mind was racing into the deepest of thoughts, most of which I dont remember. I was thinking about things like God and the origins of life and the universe. It was just so amazing, I was in love with everything.
  After the bathroom experience something happened and I'm not quite sure what, but things went south. My mind was racing too fast and I got really confused. I had no idea where my cigarettes were and people told me they were all gone. This confused me because I had just bought a new pack and that made me question what day it was. And if I had the wrong day then would if I had taken some different drug? It all seemed possible and I couldn't really feel my body, which gave me the idea that I could be dead or dreaming. My friends tried to calm me but I was under the impression that they were just as insane as I was and that they could be dead too. I walked around in a craze, sort of in a panic. If this wasn't a bad trip then I don't know what is. I still don't understand how it could have gone from so good to so bad that fast, and I still have no clue where the line between the two was.
 After all that, I came down and realized I fucked up. I felt terrible for putting my friends through that. If anything, I do believe that from that experience I learned how to avoid a bad trip, I have since then tripped harder and avoided it all together.

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