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First trip 3.5 grams

10 hours start to finish

My friend and I, both new to shrooms, agreed that this was something we wanted to experience before the summer was over. I got 3.5 grams and we boiled them into tea, ate the remains, drank orange juice for enhancement, smoked a bowl, and waited for it to kick in.

In about half an hour we both started laughing hysterically and talking gibberish that we seemed to understand. (We caught 40 minutes of this on her iPad and we don't recall any of this happening). I saw perfectly sequenced green dots everywhere all over her room and kept repeating that I see green, and she kept saying that I look like a hologram. (Something she said a few hundred times during the trip).

We stopped recording at this point and her sister took us on a walk down to the river. On the way through the forest, all I could see what the purple flowers in the bushes and I would just stop to stare at them. We made it to the river and I walked around in silence as she ran up and down the shoreline. I walked to a small bay and saw a dead fish and began crying uncontrollably because I wanted the fish to be alive. After this I walked back up a trail towards the house and my friend and her sister both followed. I don't remember much from the walking, except that I felt completely at peace and I didn't understand why my friend didn't. (She was still uncontrollably laughing at nothing while I walked and looked at plants).

On the way back up to the house we passed her neighbors yard and we saw their Airedale Terrier looking at us. This was enough to make us fall to the ground laughing, because the dog looked "judgmental".

Back at the house we walked around her front yard (she lives in the backwoods so no one else was around). I carried a pink bucket and just walked and looked. We caught another part on video where I was saying that my hands were turning green and that I was scared and she called me a hologram again.

The hallucinogens kicked in more and the ground and sky wouldn't stop morphing and spinning.  I looked over at my friend and saw her expanding and blowing up like she was having a severe allergic reaction and I got terrified. Her nonstop laughter began to scare me (and I spent the next two hours with the same frozen look on my face). I was dead scared at this point, while she just laughed.

I tried to explain to her that I thought she was dying and I kept asking if she was okay. She assured me she was, but I still saw her having the reaction. I thought we had to get her to an ER so I slowly walked inside to find her mom (our trip sitter).

I told her mom I was terrified for my friend and that she was dying. (Meanwhile she's still laughing). I went into the kitchen and stood as far back into the corner as I could get. Now, I was dead scared of my friend and I didn't want her anywhere near me. I stood in the corner and stared at them without saying a word while they tried to figure out why I was so scared. I turned around and hugged the microwave and accidentally knocked a glass of water over and then started crying because I felt bad.

Her mom wanted to help me out of the kitchen and get the horror stricken look off my face, so she put on a kids movie to calm me down. The Croods. Bad idea. The yelling in the beginning of the movie only scared me more, and I refused to come out of the kitchen. She switched the movie to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and I walked into the living room and pet her dog.

We were both starting to feel better and calmer now, and for the next few hours we sat in her room and talked. We talked about our friend who had just moved away and I started crying again and we called her on the phone. These hours of talking were unexplainably real, and I felt wiser than I ever had.

This was about a month ago so I've forgotten some details. We took the shrooms at around 6 pm and fell asleep at 4 am, ten hour trip total. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced. I didn't feel like I was me at all. It felt like the trip was never going to end and that this was the only reality I would ever have.

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