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4 tabs of fire St. Louis LSD

Nasty Breakthrough(enlightening)

I had been tripping for a couple years before I could achieve this state of mind. 

      Normally, I tripped with friends, but realized that I am a very independent person and could control the trip more if I did it on my terms. (I did and still enjoy group trips)  So this time, I waited till after work. My job is 10 minutes away so I took it on the way home, of course donot try this.  This was calculated so that I would feel it by the time I hit my shower.  And of course, I was already feeling anxious by the time I was entering the warm water.  I put on "$ Migraine - by Curren$y", a very chill and meaningful song for me at that stage of my life. The song was in complete slow motion, I could only laugh hystericially at what I was feeling. After looping In the shower, I finally brought myself to turn off the water.

     Now, I decided to play some league of legends for pc- a very strategical 5v5 game of towers and pushing like DOTA.   

      Basically, I was playing online with a good friend. At this point, my trip started to peak, rapidly. I took 4 so my vision was pretty blurry. Visuals at the peak can best be described as being in a painting. Such mind exploding visuals and melting beyond belief. I couldn't even start the match or read the text boxes so I was starting to tweak cause I wanted to see if I could pass for not tripping hahaha.  I pretended to go afk so he wouldn't suspect me  tripping out of my mind. After struggling for 10-20 minutes, we started the match. Both of us are excited to see what our buff team can do against a formidable opposing team.

      So the game starts, and it is not going as well as planned. Well, I was doing very well, as were the others except for my friend and his lane partner. Instead of working together and keeping a positive attitude, my friend is cursing out his partner for not playing his way. I could see so clearly that he was the only toxic element on our team. I knew we would lose if he continued to demoralize his partner. It would just lead to more arguing and no one would get along. So instead of biting my tongue(as I have most of my life with similar situations), I took control. Forced our team to work together and stop complaining.  We made the sickest comeback I've ever seen in history. Probably a 50 minute game of craziness, all to intense bass and music playing from iTunes.  The experience was extremely intense and emotional, as if I was in the video game.

       At the moment we won where it seemed impossible, everything changed.  I was overtaken by a feeling of great energy.  My anxiety  and confusion completely diminished;my happiness was at a peak, my visuals changed;became more vivid and focused. (No more melting or breathing). I entered a timeless dimension where my trails from motion were endless, my appreciation for music drastically increased. It was like I could dissect any song like never before. I saw the flaws of tobacco on my lungs and gave it up immediately.  Weed was the only exception I made, as it expanded my lungs and gave me the opposing feeling.  My reflexes were sharper, my thought processing increased, my video game performance was disgustingly amazing to the point people thought I was a video game pro. I could relate any concept in that game to life itself.  Problem solving became more intriguing and scientific. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought I turned super saiyan. But that's what conclusion I did derive - I ascended. time was non-existent.

To elaborate, if you recall the first Spiderman movie when he first got his power, and the bully confronted him again. When he attempted to punch Peter and his body naturally dodged it, and he was able to perceive what happened before anyone else could follow, as if he was moving faster through space and time.  All pressure in the head is released and feels like energy flowing through your head(or pineal gland). The visuals at this point are very colorful, kaleidoscopes filling in patterns in the ceiling and desk. Closed eye visuals are amazing. The trip just changed entirely.  When it happened, my eyes were closed to the drop of Kaskade - Atmosphere. It was just an explosion of light and magic. The feeling was extremely bright and overwhelming, but amazing.  The feeling of surrendering to a greater power you've always questioned, but no longer need to.  It's truly astonishing and mind blowing.  I have never been more focused on my life goals before. 

The experience is shaped by you and what you stand for. Some of you may require another friend with you to conquer certain obstacles; I am surely a rare breed in my social nature.  I tackle my issues alone, usually. 

 Since that day, even on shrooms, I breakthrough every time. My third eye opens and my trip is almost not even a "trip" anymore. I have surpassed the phase of tripping face and seeing jaw clenching visuals. Now, it's all about the spiritual journey - finding one's path.

  If you ascend, you will know it immediately
 It is released when you have that mind shattering revelation that's been bothering you since you could remember. We all have them, and if you can conquer it, everything will be clear as day. Your life will change forever. Possibility is all you will know.  Happiness is all you will seek. 

"You have the sight now, Neo."

What was most astonishing were the conclusions that I derived, only to research them later and find that scientists elsewhere have already validated my claims and experiences, as in - I'm not alone.   Hopefully my experience can help others understand more about this powerful substance. I have a very strong mind, strongest I know around me to be honest, so know your body, know your mind, know your limits.

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